This will probably get buried in the army of posts this sub gets on a daily basis, but regarding the recent noise Mr. Klippenstein has created over David Grusch’s medical background, I find myself thinking about Schumer’s UAP Disclosure Act (you know, the one that defines NHI). While I have to admit to only hearing tidbits of John Greenewald’s Spaces held earlier — and maybe one of you who listened to most of it can correct the record for me — there is no mention of the Act in his article. To go on, in the Spaces, Ken admits he finds the idea of a space-faring civilization visiting earth and crashing as complete bologna. And while I can sympathize with this particular point, I’m ultimately of the opinion that there has to be something going on. The Act had bipartisan support and the language and highly technical definitions found within it are astounding. I’m disappointed this happened to Grusch in the first place of course, yet what’s especially upsetting is Ken failing to even mention this Act is existent. There’s no connection. Straight hit piece.

Also, as annoyed as I am with Greenewald, I’m happy he hosted the Spaces. With it, we got Klippenstein on the record stating he was provided “bits and pieces” by the intel community and was encouraged by intel people to “look into his background.” That’s it. That’s all we really needed to hear.

I could go on, but I’ll let time do its thing and take it from here. I just hope this encourages rather than discourages more people to step into the light, assuming there may be far more to this as indicated by the IC IG.

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