Note: This is not a meta post. It references the sub, but is in regards to disinfo and the UFO disclosure movement in general.

My qualifications for discussing this topic are as follows: I studied democratization & intervention in Latin America, and I’ve worked as a paid political operative, campaign strategist, and marketing director. Additionally, I participated in another community that has been heavily targeted by a disinfo campaign spanning social media, mainstream media, and government. I will outline my perspective on what’s happening, and also provide strategies for recognizing & “hardening” yourself against disinfo.

Anytime there is a social movement that threatens financial & political power, there are operatives who will seek to infiltrate and derail that movement. If you think they wouldn’t spend money/time on Reddit, you are wrong. Full stop. This site is a gold mine, and UFO disclosure is monumentally important.

TLDR: Disinfo agents want you to feel Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. They do this by getting you excited & then disappointing you, and by making you angry/emotional in general. If you stay calm, there’s literally no way for them to beat you.

What is their goal?

If you don’t know what someone wants, it’s much harder to interpret their behavior. So it’s important to look at their low-level and high-level goals.

Their mission mostly boils down to this: Create Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Those three emotions form what a professor of mine called “The Trinity of Despair”, because they directly cause inaction. The desired results of generating these emotions in the individual & group, are mainly to cause burnout and discord.

And let me tell you, it works. Really, really well.


Fear is the strongest of the three emotions, and is regularly exploited. Look at TV News, FOMO, religion, etc. People who are afraid become susceptible to manipulation, and look for “easy ways out”. In the case of this movement, they would target the fear of embarrassment.

There are plenty of real world examples of people willing to die rather than be embarrassed. And since you’re on Reddit, you’re well aware of how much people hate being wrong. But it’s not hate, it’s fear.

Example: A disinfo agent would apply this by building grassroots support for a falsehood. Once it has momentum and the community is invested, they rug-pull. While I remain undecided on its veracity, I think the pace of discussion around the plane orbs was such an effort. How many people got excited and shared that video with family & friends? Then it was “debunked” and conversation disappeared. Well that’s embarrassing, right? That is behavioral conditioning in action. Your brain doesn’t like that feeling, so will steer you away from similar situations.


Humans do not like uncertainty. We RSVP, we Google, we use GPS directions. If you think about situations in which you are unsure (Which drink was mine?), you probably pause. In some cases, you might never decide at all. IE, you don’t know which cup was yours, so you abandon your drink and get a new one. In this movement, they want us to be uncertain of the evidence.

Example: A new UAP video is released, and seems conclusive. They would provide credible prosaic explanations & thorough “debunks”, with the goal of preventing consensus. If they can keep you on the fence, it’s mission accomplished. If they make you believe real evidence is fake, it’s a bonus and makes their next campaign easier. By constantly shifting the floor under you, they seek to turn uncertainty into paralysis and apathy.


Look at political manipulators across our history, and you’ll have no problem seeing how important doubt is to their maintaining control. “Don’t trust the media,” “Don’t believe what they’re saying,” “False flag,” etc, etc. One voice can only go so far in a sea of other voices, so it’s crucial that they get you to tune out those other frequencies. In this movement, they are casting doubt on public allies and the institutions we’ll rely on for disclosure & accountability.

Example: Unfair articles about Grusch, attacking Ross Coulthart, etc. This is the most obvious and prevalent tactic I’ve been seeing. If they make you doubt what Grusch is saying, it changes how you perceive the whole process. Instead of seeing current silence as govt stonewalling, maybe you start seeing it as a lack of other witnesses/evidence. Instead of rooting for Ross, you roll your eyes when he does another interview. “Reveal the location of the giant UFO!” “He’s a grifter like the rest!”

If you Doubt the source, you’ll be Uncertain of the evidence they share, which will cause Fear of embarrassment if you buy into it & it’s wrong. F(ear) U(ncertainty) D(oubt). FUD.

How to Combat FUD?

Luckily, it’s actually very easy to neutralize their affect on you. You literally only need to do one thing: Stay Zen.

As you probably noticed, the tactics above don’t rely on reasoning. They may communicate in a way that appeals to reason, but they are targeting emotions. Anger and excitement are the most direct routes to their desired effect. You’ve probably noticed an uptick in vitriol, insults, and criticism of public Ufology figures. You’ve probably noticed more people saying they’re “burned out”, “tired of waiting”, etc. Some may be victims of the disinfo campaign, but others are trying to incept those same emotions using your own empathy against you.

Literally, that’s all you have to do. Do not get emotional. If you’re looking out for it, and maintaining a level head, you’ll notice how obvious and clumsy some of the attempts are. However, you won’t catch them all, and they will affect you. It’s likely already happened to all of us in varying degrees. But if you stay Zen, it’s impossible for them to beat you. Don’t reply to comments that make you mad, don’t get too excited about predictions, don’t mistake presentation with truth.

Instead, approach the topic as a puzzle. Use pattern recognition and logic to navigate. There’s nothing wrong with just waiting and seeing, or with letting people be wrong. If we all stay calm, they are going to waste a lot of resources. You will also see their strategies change if we can collectively chill. You’ll start to see how they front-run news and muddy the waters. There’s already a manual out there on how to disrupt and co-op online communities, so I didn’t go into those details, but highly recommend reading it. My focus here was on the emotions they want to trigger, with the goal of helping you identify when you are being manipulated.

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