Massive new lead: Inmarsat data has been wrong all along – Incompetence or cover up? – peer reviewed report goes over the actual location of MH370

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So after reading this post by u/TheSilverHound I wanted to double check the inmarsat data to see if it would make sense that the plane could end up at the maldives, since eye-witnesses claimed to have seen a plane on fire around that location, which had the same stripes as MH370. To my surprise I stumbled over this:

Here we have a peer-reviewed report which showcases how the previous Inmarsat rings are not accurate

Previous inmarsat rings

Incompetence or cover-up?

The problem is in the Inmarsat analysis in ‘TheSearch For MH370’ [REF2] that produced the BTO RINGS – that analysis does not use the actual Round Trip transmission Time of the Handshake (HRTT in Figure4) as is required by physics, to calculate the distance of MH370 from the satellite and plot the aircraft’s location rings. –Instead, the BTO analysis mis-uses the BTO TIME from the satellite data [REF1] as if it were the Round Trip transmission Time of the Handshake” – Page 11

This raises some serious questions. How has no one noticed this back in 2014? This seems like basic physics for anyone working in that field. This report was released in 2022. 250 million $ have been wasted on search efforts, because they were unable to calculate this properly? And no one double checked that? On top of that they ignored eye-witnesses who have seen the plane at low altitude?

This either sounds like everyone involved in calculating the Inmarsat data is incompetent or it was a cover up.

From what I could find everyone involved in this was: “…the Joint Investigation Team… These included representatives from the UK’s Inmarsat, Air Accidents Investigation Branch, and Rolls-Royce; China’s Civil Aviation Administration and Aircraft Accident Investigation Department; the US National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration; and Malaysian authorities.

I was able to find only 2 articles on this report with the search words being “MH370 maldives”.

Even a 2023 article talked about MH370 going down in the southern indian ocean, suspecting pilot suicide.

This immediately also raises the question about the simulator route that was found in the pilots home. In the official report from 2014 regarding MH370:”It was also discovered that there were seven ‘manually programmed’ waypoint4 coordinates (Figure 1.5A [below), that when connected together, will create a flight path from KLIA to an area south of the Indian Ocean through the Andaman Sea. These coordinates were stored in the Volume Shadow Information (VSI) file dated 03 February 2014. The function of this file was to save information when a computer is left idle for more than 15 minutes. Hence, the RMP Forensic Report could not determine if the waypoints came from one or more files.

It was only after they handed the data over to the FBI, that they “figured out” it was in fact one route and those waypoints were not from different sessions. This is a crucial part in lending more evidence to the pilot suicide theory. In 2014 DailyMail released an article questioning the mental health of the pilot and claiming the family said things like “He wasn’t the father I knew. He was lost and disturbed”. However the daughter stated afterwards in a facebook post, that the dailymail made it all up. From what I could find the DailyMail article is what really sparked the theory for pilot suicide. So the simulator investigation by the FBI just added on top of that.

Also worth noting, during the time of 2014 there were a lot of mistakes in the media coverage surrounding MH370. This is taken from the ATSB australian government website, here you can see just how many letters they sent out to correct false media reporting:

Now back to the report:

Based on the new calculations a relatively small area was located where the plane most likely crashed. “The likely area to search is a much smaller area inside the circle that would focus searching along the Atoll coastlines (down the outer coral reef walls) of the Southern Thaa Atoll (search first) and then along the Northern Laamu Atoll (second)

MH370 was last seen circling over Gaadhiffushi island, roughly 10 minutes away from this crash site.

These are the new accurate HRTT rings.

And this is an example of the new flight route for MH370

on reach HRTT RING(P2)MH370 was suddenly turned around again to head back East where it seemingly entered into a 3 Hour holding pattern“For later reference: P5 = 22:41 UTC = 6:41 MYT

This is where M370 was seen circling over an island, trying to find a spot to land, probably running extremely low on fuel

Recall: Oil-rig worker McKay (in Figure13) likely witnessed the sudden turn back of MH370 over the Gulf of Thailand, seeing MH370 at high altitude with flames beneath it that lasted for about 15 seconds before extinguishing. Miss Kate Tee described a similar sighting of an elongated plane (MH370) glowing orange with thick black smoke trailing behind

This report also links 2 youtube videos as visual aids to this report Part 1 and Part 2. (Part 1 = 5,1k views, Part 2 = 660 views).

Conspiracy time

Another interesting quote from this report:”How did the Pilot(s) of MH370 manage to keep the aircraft airborne for at least 8Hours & 34 Mins since take-off from KLIA in order to have reached the Maldives? One possibility is, they must have glided MH370 somewhere along the way (unpowered-withboth-enginesoff) for about 50 minutes or so. Where this glide happened, was immediately following the mid-air emergency/sudden turn back

**DISCLAIMER** The following section is assuming the video is real and speculation on my part

Is this where our video comes in to play? As noted earlier the time at which MH370 was at P5 was 6:41 MYT. March 8, 2014 the sunrise in malaysia happened at 7:22 MYT.This means MH370 had around 40 minutes time to fly from P5 to the coordinates in the video (8.834301, 93.19492).

It also seems like there would be no reason for the pilot to fly over the ocean after turning around from P5, considering he would be able to see land below him. No reference points and we can assume some of his systems are malfunctioning/not working at all, so it seems like a safer option to remain in that area, where he’s able to see land.

With this new evidence we have to conclude that the plane was teleported from the coordinates in the video to a different location on that flight route. This happened after he turned around from P5.

According to eye-witnesses MH370 was burning for a period of time (exact duration unknown, but it stopped at some point). Did this happen because of the teleportation?**end of disclaimer**


On a finishing note, I was actually so confused when I discovered this report. How has no one seen this? 2 News articles, barely any youtube views. In the report he talks about presenting his findings to the malaysian government in 2018, before his report was finished, when he initially discovered the miscalculations. Why was there no follow up investigation? The report has been public since March 8, 2022.Important I’m not claiming that this was a cover up. Some things about this are definitely suspicious, but it could be sheer incompetence by everyone involved in figuring this out back in 2014.

I hope this can clear some things up around the topic and possibly provide new angles for us to investigate the video. I encourage everyone to read the report and possibly spread it on social media, maybe that will pressure someone into investigating this location and hopefully finding MH370. I haven’t fully finished reading it (it’s 125 pages and writing this post took quite some time), so if I missed anything important that could help us investigate, let me know and I’ll add it to this post.


Inmarsat data in 2014 was calculated wrong, giving a position in the southern indian ocean. This 2022 report shows what they did wrong and reveals the location of MH370 crashing to be at the maldives. Everyone involved back in 2014 is either incompetent or covering something up, they wasted 250 million$ on searching the wrong area, because of wrong calculations. Pilot suicide theory is also wrong.

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