Meet Ryan Graves. He is 1 of more than 5,000 pilots with something to say about the sky above your home. Please help them say it and fight the stigma of UAP reporting.

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This is Ryan Graves, a former Lieutenant in the Navy and F/A -18F Pilot (check out the current requirements here) and founder of Americans for Safe AeroSpace (ASA). The ASA is a nonprofit organization that collects reports on UAPs from pilots (military and civilian alike) that see inexplicable things (UAPs) in the sky but don’t report due to fear of reprisals or the loss of their license. The All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office was set up by the US government a year ago, and was meant to be a safe place for pilots to report their data to a central repository. Still, as of right now, they have not set up a phone number, website, or email address to receive these reports. Ryan Graves and his organization help handhold Pilots that want to report their experiences so that data can be gathered and be analyzed.

Here is a video of Ryan’s opening statement (written version) to Congress on July 26th, 2023, at the congressional hearings held by the House of Representatives subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs. Make no mistake; this is bipartisan. Further evident by Schumer’s UAP Disclosure Act sailing through the House of Representatives with no objection from the white house. I’ve included links to the hearings below, but I’d like to keep the focus on the pilots for now.

Ryan Graves estimated under oath in congress that only 5% of UAP experiences are reported. These are the advisors listed on the ASA website. I won’t expand on it in this post for the sake of brevity, but the gravity of the titles and names involved in this organization is staggering.

Academia from Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, and Harvard. Some of the current or former military and DoD titles: Lt. Colonel, Commander, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, and Deputy NOAA Administrator.

Do you trust these individuals to protect the skies/ocean/etc, or facilitate safe travel? They implore you to help break this stigma so the people we trust to fly the skies can report their experiences without fear of being called crazy. This has been reported on for more than five years. The Pentagon does not know what these things are. Here is a comprehensive list of Mainstream articles about our inability to understand what it is in our skies.

How disgusting is it that in today’s world, individuals are still willing to ridicule our veterans for PTSD? Luckily these smear attempts are getting picked apart because it’s clear what they are. A smear campaign. It’s even more embarrassing for these attempted smearers when the target of the ridicule has already prepped the people breaking the story extensively. After they finished trying to bring down one whistleblower (who had his testimony independently corroborated by the current Intelligence Community Inspector General), they decided to focus their attacks on the pilots.

Ryan Graves and his pilots are ready to speak up. He posted this yesterday and delivered this story and video with images less than 24 hours later.

To those that speak up: You are heroes, not just to your country, but to all of humanity. It is time to scientifically tackle this topic, and we can only do that with data. This methodology has allowed humans to progress for centuries in all ways of understanding. This topic should be treated no different. To those that don’t speak up: We will be here when you are ready. We understand the concern and empathize with your position.

The world is watching. Anyone dissuading open discourse is not acting in good faith. Ignore the closed ears and speak to the ones that will listen. There are more ears open than there ever have been. We are not here to judge. We are here to support you.

Here is a detailed post including clipped highlights. Here are a few different versions of the UAP hearings:

· Highlights – 6 Minutes and 15 Seconds

· Breaking Points Breakdown – 15 Minutes and 14 Seconds

· Full Version – 1 Hour and 7 Minutes

· Bonus video – 1 Hour and 14 Minutes – Post hearings 3 Weeks Later on 08.17.2023. Politicians and Pilots speak to The Hill

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