Mentally exhausted about this whole thing

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The most exhausting thing is the quantity of dumb crap I read about this in here, on Twitter, r/aliens, 4chan, you name it… I’m a true skeptic and I support the investigation of this whole issue, after the audience I thought there was going to be a genuine impulse from the community to DEMAND a transparent process about the investigation of this but as weeks pass by I sense people forget the point of the audience (or maybe a lot of them never truly got in their head).

It’s been weeks of people playing with the plane thing, and honest to god I’m fucking fumed about it, I don’t know if the community is being laughed at or if we are genuinely THAT dumb. Fellas, almost none of you know the slightest thing about analyzing a video yet you jump to the most ridiculous conclusions! Instead of trying to be an expert on something YOU ARE NOT, why don’t you stay a bit humble? Why fight for this to be true instead of trying to find out if it REALLY IS IN FACT TRUE? Know your limits, use your head, and don’t fall for confirmation bias (or any bias). A retweet doesn’t mean something is true, and an upvote doesn’t mean that either, downvotes won’t make a statement untrue just because you are downvoting it.

Even if the plane thing turns out to be true, what’s next? It leads us nowhere, because we are forgetting to FIGHT for the truth, the most important thing is to demand politicians/companies/whistleblowers to come forward and potentially change the course of history, bring the truth out!

I, for once, am being driven to take the lighter approach to this: people said this would come out (a lot of them have said so including Ross) so instead of going through all this crap then I’ll just wait and see what happens.

Without discussing the plane thing, what is your approach to all of this? Serious discussion only, please.

EDIT: You downvote this without a real argument, you are a sucker and part of the problem.

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