At this point there’s tons of discussion about the video itself that’s turned up an amazing amount of information. In the case that somebody made it as a fake, there’s a fair number of insider details of satellite positions, drone configurations, actual flight path, etc. The recreation attempts show us it’s at least a moderately involved effort. The original poster had a previous address at Luke Air Force base.

I’m not saying it’s fake, I’m pretty firmly on the fence. The video’s been beat to death though, I figured it might be useful to explore the political, socioeconomic, military motivations of making such a fake to see if we can rule any motives in or out.

So let’s examine and discuss the potential motives and reasons for an institutional fake here, that I can come up with, please add your own ideas here too:

If the plane was diverted/stolen by an institution and they wanted to cover it up If the plane was shot down by an institution and they wanted to cover it up

I think the first two could both be explained by Freescale Semiconductor employees going to Beijing, if we wanted to slow China’s development of industrial semiconductor technologies and sensors then shooting a plane with 20 people going to help them do it out of the sky or diverting it to Diego Garcia and locking folks up would both do it. But these also aren’t consistent with our INMARSAT record or the controversies around what minimal debris was found being too young and on all the wrong shores.

What institutional motives can you think of for creating this?

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