MH370 Engine jet wash deforms orbs is FALSE claim.

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The OP of the following thread claims that the orbs pass through the jet stream and deform it. this is a false claim.

I am not saying that the OP is lying on purpose, probably just a honest mistake. idk

first of all, take a quick look at this great study on the ufo orbit, this is great tracking data that gives us a very good info on how the orbs moved in the video so there is no speculation as to what happens when the plane crosses the cloud.

i have found the screenshots of the OP in the video along with the matching sat view, unfortunately OP picked a frame where in the sat footage the plane is crossing a bright cloud and is not visible.

however we can look at the orb position shortly before and after, also the research about the orbit i mentioned earlier comes here very handy.

the orbiting motion of the 3 ufos is not random as you can see, it is in fact very easy to see it by just watching the video, the UFOs fly in a coordinated triangle pattern around the plane.

also have another look at the sat view, we do have a top view and the thermal footage gives is a side view, both are at some angle of course but it still gives us some great data about the shape of the orbit. and more importantly the DIAMETER and the approximate center.

view full screen to see it batter.

back to the screenshots. Note that even of the timing of the synchronization between both videos is off by a couple frames, it would not matter because for many seconds around the time the 3 UFOS circle the airplane around the axis of the length of the plane. in the simple sketch you can see how it would look from the front.
i also did mark the orbs in the before and after view and hinted the orbit there.

also consider that we can see the engine trails in the sat view.

None of the orbs is anywhere close to intersect with the trail during that time.

Even IF a Ufo would intersect with the trail, it would be much further away from the plane, as you can see the orbit radius is large.

What you see on the screenshots of the OP of that theory is just a visual overlap and nowhere close to an actual overlap, the orb in the screenshot is roughly 30 meters to the side of the plane, far from the engine wash. what you see is just compression smear or motion blur or whatever, frankly its not even an important detail.

i am unsure why but for some reason started using the engine wash theory as some sort of proof for authenticity because it adds incredible realism. it does not. just wanted to clarify.

another thing to think about.
In many recent posts people for some reason getting hung up on the idea that the clouds (if fake) are volumetric 3D and complex CGI. First of all, volumetric clouds are not a new nor novel thing is 2014, totally doable in maya, 3ds max.
Secondly, this does not have to be volumetric clouds at all, this could be simply a video used in the background.
here, this is a 2014 video shot from a commercial DJI drone, took me 4 min to find it. a crop of a similar video would be more than enough for the blurry background.
Not at all saying this is the video used, this is just an example.

Also note that in 2014 you could download a variety of ready to use 3D models of various drones and planes.

here are 2 as a random example, not saying these are the best ones available.:

Thank you for reading.

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