MH370: You just witnessed a perfectly executed psyop.

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MH370 went missing, and conspiracy theories abound. Are any of them true? Who knows, but this tragedy created something valuable: an opportunity.

A video would be created. A hoax, but a nearly perfectly crafted one. Details will be inlcuded that would only be known by people who work with spy satellites and drones. A 3d space is generated with extreme level of detail, tiny things that nobody who isn’t an expert would even think to include, down to the niche screen recording software and model of drone that would be available at the nearest military base. The videos would involve information that isn’t even publicly available yet.

But the videos would not be completely perfect. Mistakes are intentionally made, and would always be something easy to excuse. A video artifact that could be explained by the roundabout way of capturing the footage. Irregularities in the silhouette of the thermal image. Small things that skeptics would doubtlessly catch on to, but no smoking gun- except for one singular factor that can cause it to be disproven beyond any doubt, but requiring such obscure knowledge that absolutely nobody would be able to find it on their own.

The video is unceremoniously posted anomalously on 4chan and other message boards, and little attention is drawn to it- attention CAN’T be gained right now, the point is to make it exist on the internet. To make it an asset.

Months pass. Then years. Nearly a decade later, the public has started to catch on. UFO conspiracies are becoming more and more mainstream by the day, and the stigma is fading. Congress is even holding serious hearings on UFO sightings and projects within the government. It is time to employ the asset.

Attention is finally brought to the videos. Posters bring focus on the extreme level of detail, the mystery, the terror if it is real. The videos take the internet by storm, reaching every UFO enthusiast and spreading even into normie circles. Skeptics quickly point out the flaws, but there is nothing capable of putting it down for good.

Then, when everyone has finished making a total fool of themselves, someone flips the killswitch. The portal effect, an extremely obscure VFX from 1995 that absolutely nobody would ever find on their own, is released. A smoking gun that definitively proves the fake, released after everyong has acted the fool claiming it is real.

This psyop was surgically executed and we fell for it like fucking morons.

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