There has been so much info to take in this year regarding UFO/NHI/UAP.

My biggest take away is that while we are looking to Mars, the stars, and everywhere FAR AWAY, we may actually need to better explain and understand interdimensional travel – meaning these NHI may literally be right under our nose.

It’s not likely a green man with big black eyes, and that’s been a really tough thing for me to digest.

I think we live in a simulation. I think that our simulation has been ran so many times, and every time there are certain rules / tools / players. Sometimes, the simulation doesn’t make it past dinosaurs, and other times there aren’t dinosaurs. We made it as a human race to a point where we now run simulations like a modern day Oregon Trail.

In each “game”, tools like Fire, Electricity, Math, Music and Engineering are loaded. As the simulation progresses, designated “players” discover / introduce these tools for the betterment of society (Galileo, Tesla, Mozart, Elvis, Elon Musk, etc).

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