Around 2017 me and my friend A were hanging out in my backyard shooting the shit and stargazing like we did on the regular. My backyard was maybe 30 feet wide and really long with a trampoline at one end and a gate leading to the front yard at the other.

We happened to be sitting in a couple of chairs facing each other, talking about life or what have you, when I noticed a blue orb of glowing light about 100 feet in the air above my trampoline.

I turned to A to see the he too had noticed the orb. I looked back at the orb as it suddenly shot down out of the sky towards my trampoline stopping inches away from the surface and hovering there.

After what felt like an eternity of silence and staring, it shot towards us and flew between our faces, right past us toward, and headed toward the other end of the yard before shooting back up into the sky and disappearing.

Everybody mentions fear or awe or the multitude of other common emotions youd think youd feel during something evidently paranormal occurring right before your very eyes but the truth is I felt nothing. I was so wrapped up in the present moment of what was happened I never really had time to emotionally process it.

Truth is I have no idea what I witnessed. I just know I witnessed it with another person who was just as pale faced after the incident as I was and that it was real. It was real and it was lovecraftian. I do think there’s a possibility all of this is beyond comprehension. Maybe not. Idk. Just thought I’d share for those willing to listen.

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