My issues with Tom DeLonge’s version of the UFO phenomenon

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I really have a hard time believing anything Tom says because his claims are all over the place.

First, Tom claims that he wants to change the world and wants to bring enlightenment to the world, but we must give him money to have the honor of receiving such sacred knowledge. We need to buy his books and documentaries, otherwise we will remain ignorant of this higher, dark and dangerous world that he speaks of.

Tom, your net worth is $70 million dollars. Why do you need more money?

Just tell us what it is without playing capitalist tricks to enrich yourself further!

Religious Group in the Pentagon

I don’t remember exactly who said this, maybe Lue Elizondo, that there exists in the Pentagon a group of old timers who are deeply religious and have reached the conclusion that this is a demonic presence and that we should stay clear of it.

It appears that Tom is being fed info by this same group of old timers because he keeps repeating the same plot over and over again.

That’s alarming, at least to me.

Below are snippets from the document user /u/Mantler77 posted in this thread about what Tom DeLonge says on this phenomenon. [Read it, it’s all over the place]

The UFO phenomenon is interested in the bad emotions, and it brings along a lot of bad things.

We’ve known for some time now about reports from the military that these objects have buzzed nuclear facilities and disabled silos and missiles. How do you go from this physical reality to something like “The UFO phenomenon wants to pray on your emotions”

How did he reach this conclusion? What is his method? And what about those who’ve had a positive and pleasant experience? Maybe this phenomenon feeds on the type of person you are.

Again, what is your method for reaching such a wild conclusion?

He says if you’re in the middle of an abduction by little grey aliens and you call the name of Jesus, the abduction just stops. But you can also call out the name of “The Source of Galactic Love.” Or call out “Buddha.” It’s the fact that you are projecting positive energy, and that is something that needs to be understood and studied.

How did he reach this conclusion?

UFOs are bad news. But his group is going to come out and say: this is what we found out, this is what we did, and this is what we’re doing, and this is where the human race is going and guess what, consciousness is incredible.

Then why the pushback from the Pentagon, Tom?

“I am 3 trillion percent sure that there is a god. I will stake my life on it.” But it’s not a person. It’s beautiful love consciousness that’s in the center of a galaxy, that explodes out and creates stars and planets. All the beings that are created have a radio signal back to the source.

Which galaxy, Tom? Our galaxy, the Milkyway? Buddy, there is a massive blackhole at the center of our galaxy and every other galaxy for that matter. Are you saying God is a blackhole? and since there are multiple blackholes then there are multiple gods?

Jimmy Church talks about an experience he had at Contact in the Desert where he saw a craft through nightvision goggles and it appeared to be putting on a show. He wants to know if that happened because he was projecting positive vibes. Tom Delonge replies that “No, it’s playing with you. OK? That’s not a good thing. Everyone there wants to see one so bad that it’s gonna perform for you. And you don’t want to be doing that. I’m not saying that all life out there is bad, I’m saying people just don’t understand.”

But you do, don’t you Tom?

What Tom [et al] is basically saying is we shouldn’t interact with this phenomenon; we should stop thinking about and let them deal with it and at the end of the day we’ll have to buy his book to receive this sacred knowledge.

In other words, interacting with this phenomenon on an individual level is bad for the status quo because they will lose control and become irrelevant.

He then goes on to explain that these things have been seen throughout history, would land, would perform miracles, which in turn created religions. But the thing is, the phenomenon kept doing that in different places, and every time, a different religion would get created. And what happened after that? We started killing each other. No one stopped to talk about what they saw and put it all together.

Humans have evolved to be aggressive and territorial, always looking for resources to exploit, and if those resources happen to be over there then humans will do what humans do best, they will kill each other to acquire those resources.

To say that all wars are based on religions is plain ignorant and misleading.

Besides, if this phenomenon wants to pray on our anger and hate than why create religions that promote love and acceptance? As far as I know, Christianity has firm roots in love and acceptance [despite whether people praxis or not]. It is a religion of love.

And if the phenomenon created religions and then how come when we say “jesus christ” the abduction stops? [as stated above]

This is just from the first 3 pages of that document; I could fill a book from the wild and inconsistent things this guy says but I won’t.

I think this is enough to illustrate that this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he’s being fed lies and he’s gobbling it up and spewing it back at us.

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