Here and there, I’ve noticed discussions about clean/free energy that NHI may have to offer us or back engineered already. Let’s focus on the clean aspect of it, clean as if it doesn’t have emissions? Or it has emissions that can be controlled to zero? We should think of other examples, for instance Solar panels that produce energy are supposedly clean with no emission. But on the other hand, it needs mining for lithium or other special elements to store the energy. Clean energy to me sounds subjective, here on earth, energy and consumption has some non-clean aspect. Nuclear power is another example, it was supposedly one of the cleanest if debris was managed and safety protocols were followed. But later there was a couple of incidents that proved otherwise. Now about the other part, FREE energy: why is it free? Any product/ merchandise that needs labor to produce/manage/delivery will be monetized. Who wants to work for free? Is the energy itself at its source that’s called free? Or the overall production-consumption cycle? Historically, money or trading was in return for goods or labor, if there’s energy even if infinite, why would it be free? This whole thing that is being discussed as an advantage for the NHI energy as being free and clean sounds a bit raw. What do you all think? Am I missing something?

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