New reading from psychic Lynn regarding MH370

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You all may remember psychic Lynn made some interesting readings that coincide with the orb video, starting back in 2014.

I wanted to collect some of her published readings from the past as well as her most recent one.

Crazy ideas about cloaking technology that are a fascinating and entertaining read.

Started March 11 2014


What they saw before and during the event: They were flying normal, and it got very dark out. Like the were being surrounded by something that looked like smog. Then I saw what looked like a lightening storm. Lighting was hitting the plane and electric sparks were coming from the plane. The ride got rough and it was complete chaos. Then this loud rumbling started, and at that time people started covering their ears. Once the rumbling stopped, there was an eerie calm over everyone. It was incredibly silent.

Started July 2014

Teaser: I see the MH370 being taken over by an Asian group that I have later put together (though physical characteristics of military and personnel around the plane after it was diverted and landed) to be a combination of Chinese and/or Malaysian government / military. (There is some underground allied plan going on that I am still sorting out. Malaysia wants to be in solid with China as China begins to emerge as the new superpower. I sense some kind of a deal was made.??).

When the MH370 was taken I kept seeing ET involvement, cloaking, very different and very advanced technology being used to “hide” the missing MH370 plane. I then determined that ETs may have been involved, but the bigger clue was the technology or intelligence stolen was in reality something that seemed advanced and more technologically advanced than anything ever seen or used before. The ET inference (I saw over and over) was taking me down the path of the technology taken, which was the much bigger clue. In my “mental dictionary” when I see ETs I think of higher level thinking, mental communication, telepathy, etc- and I feel the “universe” was trying to make me understand the magnitude of this technology (physical and human based knowledge) on board the MH370. (I much later understood that the people on board the MH370 formed a private group developing this very high-tech technology… truly it was some of the passengers that were the asset and not the plane itself; however, the plane ended up being part of the plan as well.).

After the MH370 was taken , it was “hidden” and guarded on the Great Cocos Island where it was prepared for its next mission (the end goal being to get the technology back to the main country in disguise either on board or attached to the plane). Time after time I saw the plane as guarded and people doing work… I would see wires pulled out, soldering being done etc… The plane was guarded, felt protected and the energy was stressful and intense.

I saw many references to the islanders while focusing on this plane (I see they were somehow protective or concerned for these distraught MH370 passengers). I saw many times a group of passengers with the islanders in the central part of the island where there village was… as if some of the passengers were able to escape and were being helped??? (still not sure but I definitely saw a group living with them). I also got images of native trees, fruit, spiders, etc… I feel fairly confident they were located on Great Cocos (or within miles of there) during this “prep work.”

In a recent post I felt the energy surrounding the MH370 had changed, as if the plane was separate from the people (I think some – like a group of 5 or less did escape and hide with the islanders). There was a big disconnect of energy. As I focused on it I saw the MH370 passengers in holding. They weren’t being treated great, but they had the basics of what they needed (food, water and a cot to sleep on). It looked as though they were in some kind of a warehouse in a desert?? The temperature is very hot and dry. The building is huge and I keep seeing them looking up at the 20 foot ceilings with tiny windows surrounding the top perimeter of the building.

2nd one started September 2014

August ‘23 update

Repost of most recent update (link direct above) After nearly nine years this story is making headlines in alternative outlets again. Footage has been found that supports the same theory I had that ETs abducted or redirected this plane into an alternate dimension (original post and Reddit footage below). This was a popular post then, and I’ve had a lot of requests to have another look at it again. Here goes…

With Project Bluebeam on the horizon and a fake alien invasion in our midst, we have to really look at this stuff carefully. Having said that, I do sense that the recent video releases are true. I think governments have known about this and didn’t know how to explain it. They weren’t ready for this kind of “information” to reach the public eye. BUT (yes, there is a but) because they are going to set the stage for an invasion, NOW is the right time to let this out (kind of like the Bin Ladin death announcement, take an event from the past to support current propaganda- I digress). It supports the narrative, so it is now safe to put out there. They want people to question it! They want people to fear it (the devil and the evil of the world love fear)!

I don’t see real answers emerging. The government already knows it happened, but has never determined why. They can’t explain it (in truth) even if they had to, but it sure makes good video evidence for a “future event.” They will intentionally put people in rabbit holes to deflect from other events in the world.

As far as this plane and the passengers, I can’t really see anything with the plane. I’m picking up that it has been dismantled and used for other things. I don’t think there is a MH370 left because it’s been parted out.

After all this time I still get the show Lost references. I truly think there was a group that survived this, assimilated with local tribes and made a home. There are children of that social construct being born that only know that life. The survival instinct and adaptability of these people are truly amazing. (It shows just how strong humans can be.)

I then try to focus on How to merge these two dimensions? or Is it even possible? I think some kind of matrix glitch would have to happen. It would take something that isn’t man-made. It looks as though these crafts enabled a portal to open and this plane was in the right place at exactly the right time for it to occur.

I get stuff like this happens all the time, but not to the magnitude of the MH370. Beings are always traversing through portals. This just happens to be one of the bigger instances and quite possibly a “once in a lifetime” event.

I appreciate all the love and support! Blessings, Lynn

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