I’d like to explain my thoughts on why this is the terminology used as I think it’s a lot more simple than people are making it out to be. And complex in its application and usage as to why it’s important.

I think that the term Non Human is used because the Congress, both house and Senate operate through a legal process so language is of the upmost importance. If you do not define something correctly it can be fought effectively. For example, if legislation states that private entities must provide any and all evidence of ‘Aliens’ it would be completely ineffective.

Alien as a noun is defined in the Oxford English dictionary as “a hypothetical or fictional being from another world.” Hypothetical or fictional. Legally it means nothing in this context if you are requesting evidence.

Extraterrestrial as a noun: “a hypothetical or fictional being from outer space.”

Same again.

The terms Non human intelligence and Non human biologics are very hard to argue the point and hide the information on it.

This is just my judgement on the matter, but I don’t think it is some obscure use of words because the NHI is something outlandishy strange like a lot of people here are making it out to be. It is important to remember what is, hopefully, happening is a exercise of power between the Congress and legislator, and the DoD & private companies which means the use of language has to be essentially perfect to work.

If you watch the UAP hearing where Grusch is asked about this, he said “I like to use the term Non Human because it keeps it open both scientifically-” and then cuts himself off. Both scientifically and what else? I’m certain if he continued he would say legally. I don’t think he stopped himself other than trying to answer the question at the time.

Side note: I am a huge fan of speculation and theory crafting but it is extremely misleading and the topic needs to stay as factual as it can. I’m not denying that it could be something interdimensional or whatever is regularly posted. But in general when most people who aren’t familiar with the subject are told its because it is meaning its some super Dimensional beings they will deny not only that as there’s no factual support for that claim, but they will deny what there is facts for. That’s well founded psychology. And without widespread knowledge of what is true and hopefully some degree of support for transparency in the general public then it is extremely unlikely that the truth will come out in the way it is hopes for.

The use of language is paramount for both legislation and communication in general.

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