Seems crazy situation when even the MoD contradicts it’s own spin.

On one hand the military say ‘nothing to see’ ‘just milatary manoeuvres’ we’re going on.

But they failed to issue pre manoeuvre public notice before hand!


After the MoD answer a FOI response letter with ‘no manoeuvres were held’ on those dates. (Have they just lied on a FOI)

It’s suggested … OK. It may have been ‘SpecialForces’ manoeuvres.

For me maybe explain the pre manoeuvre secrecy but not the post manoeuvre Lie on the FOI.

Narrative is the airforce army do manoeuvres twice a year called Chamealeon…. Urm wait a moment … thought you don’t confirm ‘SF’ manoeuvres in FOI request? But a press release on them is OK?

Which one is true? Someone is ‘mis-speaking’ here…

We know those planes and helicopters were not flying in circles for fun! We have the flight path data so why deny it happened – what’s the secret?

Loud bang, broken trees, cleared debris (or LZ area)? All need better answers.

The witness may be a UFO fan or may just be filling in gaps with UFO culture to get answers.

But that’s because our Government and the MoD are living to the people about what happened.

Give some clear answers (honest ones)

Short Interview:

Longer Interview:

Actions post event:

Another on the topic:

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