When the truth started coming out about Iraq and 9/11, it rocked my world. I was a full throated supporter of going to war, bought into WMD’s, and was in lockstep with the Bush Administration. Since then, we have learned there were no WMD’s and that we knew, from the very beginning, the Saudis had a huge role. Both intentional lies told to us by the U.S. Govt (and they still really haven’t come clean).

I say this because it got me questioning what else has the govt lied to us about? And Why? I get in military times they can’t tell us everything and we have to be selective damaging the credibility of strategic partners (the Saudis). But, what about everything else? What about all the other “conspiracy theories”. Every single one is divided by party line and one side is saying its true while other is claiming its a whacko conspiracy theory.

Quick list where the govt has lied or withheld information:

– JFK Assassination

– 9/11

– Iraq War

– Financial Crisis of 2008/2009

– The Russian Dossier

– 2020 Election


– UFO’s/UAP’s

I’m NOT picking sides. Simply stating these are very contentious topics where the truth and ALL the information would and could end the argument.


I’m not saying they are bad. I’m saying they have power, money and control. They also think they believe it’s the best course of action. They are either too arrogant or they cannot afford to be wrong or relinquish power. And the knowledge possess to keep us divided and arguing over unresolved issues is part of that power.

I can already see it with Grusch. Is he Pysop? Is he a legit whistleblower? Are they even real? It doesn’t matter which one it is because we are divided on it (we as in the public not r/UFOs). That division keeps us apart and is a lynchpin to govt power.

So, keeping things unclear, vague, and in suspense serves them the best. It’s what they actually want.
Until NHI’s decide to finally make contact with us or we get a crash on video, we won’t have a definitive answer.

Tell me where I’m wrong because I love debating this stuff with my friends and it’s 4 on 1 right now… not a fair fight!!

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