Observations on the MH370 Portal with some reference images.

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Hey folks, me and a buddy are having fun with this situation and I wanted to show you some stuff that we did to try and get a little more information out of the most unusual elements of the whole thermal video. We took the frame and adjusted it’s color for easier viewing, obviously brighter green is warmer, darker green to geren-blue is cooler.

Color shifted image of the widest ‘mouth’ of the black blob

Above is the image itself. You can see (from outside in) the background temperature followed by a distinct ring of ‘cooler’ material, followed by the area inside retaining much of the heat as outside it, followed by a distinct but more gradual cooling that fades into black. This zone can be interpreted in two ways, and I really want people to work over this frame hard to see if I am missing something. This is working obviously under the presumption that this is -real-.

First lets consider this image in three dimensions. What we see is either a hole that cooling air is falling -in to- OR it is a three dimensional structure akin to a sphere… or specifically the absence of a three dimensional structure akin to a sphere.

I am inclined to reject the ‘hole’ idea because the camera would have to be perfectly orientated in space for it to witness a near perfect ‘head on view’ of the hole that for some reason would be roughly two dimensional. We simply aren’t that lucky.

Instead, consider the following. What we are actually witnessing here is something akin to a collapsing vacuum. I made a post about the Alcubierre Warp drive that got a little traction, so I am going to reference it a bit.

If a bubble of warped space is formed that holds the space inside it referentially stationary to the objects within it, but not to the objects around it, it would have the effect of a space-time ‘cookie cutter’ when it moves. Taking the space it was in and moving it from point A to point B. Everything within that space goes with it leaving behind….what?

nothing. It would leave behind nothing at all. No particle movement, no zero point energy (at least in the moment right after transit), no heat, nothing. Heat is determined by particle motion and if there is absolutely nothing present, there wouldn’t be absolutely no thermal signature.

Obviously, the zone would collapse immediately as everything around it would move to fill in the empty space. As gas is moving to an area of absolute pure and complete vacuum, it would spread out and lose heat in the process. It would also happen -very- quickly, and much like a cavitation bubble, leave a shock front behind (which we see in the thermal camera)

Observing the collapsing gas around the black object almost seems to suggest structure or shape to the object as well, almost like a sphere being imploded. I will leave that for sharper eyes and ideas.

Another idea that I saw was this resembled an einstien-rosen bridge. I have to challenge this assertion though on the basis of these bridges being two way streets. We should see energy emerge from the other side (the natural heat of the destination would come through the bridge, even if distorted from the gravity effects) UNLESS the destination had.. well.. nothing on the other end, not even thermal background heat. I somewhat doubt that the entities that took the airplane would teleport it’s prize into a complete vacuum or a near one like space, as it would quickly kill the only thing of value in the craft (the people).

I would love more perspectives on this.

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