Oceangate revealed the Navy and Air Force’s capabilities, now it’s too suspicious.

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Reminder that the navy was able to detect the Oceangate’s implosion (meanwhile the media ran wild with their doomsday timer scenarios). They knew it imploded almost IMMEDIATELY, and more importantly, where. With accuracy. Yet, their hydrophones somehow aren’t able to detect an airliner splattering into what is essentially concrete? It doesn’t make any sense, especially considering how their fleets are everywhere. And, iirc, there were nearby military exercises. They should’ve been able to detect MH370 crashing into the ocean. The newly suspicious thing is not that they didn’t disclose this information to the public; it’s the fact that they potentially lied about not knowing where it crashed (assuming it did).

And, if they knew where MH370 supposedly crashed, which they should’ve based on their capabilities (which they’ve revealed via Oceangate), then it implies they’ve been deceiving the public and lying about what really happened. Yes, this includes planting Bowing 777 parts to make it seem like they’ve found MH370 parts. Read up on this for further related info.


Or, if it did crash and the parts ARE the same, then this implies they knew where the parts were beforehand, based on the premise of this post (the military’s sensory capabilities). It should not have taken years for them to suddenly “find” and release them.

Read this comment from Lee M. Gram (sourced below):



And here’s the article about the SBIRS’s capabilities which I’m sure many of you have seen. “This is the art of what we do,”


This ties into the UFO situation, or the conspiracy as a whole, because now it’s even more probable that this is a coverup. Let’s assume the UFO videos are a hoax; even if they are, why wasn’t the US able to detect the where the plane crashed into the ocean, with all of its sensors?

A quote from /x/: “Also, it’s not just the Navy who have underwater hydrophones. The Air Force has an integrated network of satellites, air sniffers, microphones, underwater hydrophones and seismic sensors. Officially it’s just to monitor nuclear activity worldwide, but it’s able to pick up just about anything. Internally the system is called “Big Brother” and it’s managed at a place called the Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC) at Patrick AFB in Florida.”

Iirc, someone stated there were were Chinese researchers onboard MH370, along with potentially ITAR restricted hardware. We know they were on their way to Beijing, as seen here. It’s entirely possible that the US had something in there that they wanted, and/or that they didn’t want China having. If anyone has more information about this, please pm me or comment on it.

Here’s the cargo manifest:



Disclaimer: I’m aware that this isn’t directly related to the UFO videos, and am planning on cross-posting it to the MH370 communities. I just wanted to explain my overall thought process and why I think it’s suspicious.

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