Oke Shannon Notes Related To Advanced Theoretical Physics Group: The rabbit hole that leads to a scientific theory created by a Q clearance nuclear physicist at Los Alamos National Labs that predicted a new form of fusion energy and gravito-electric effects and Bigelow allegedly funded this work

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This information was shared in Oct. over about 5 different posts but I’ve decided to consolidate it into one post divided into 3 parts for actual sleuths and journalists to dig into. Nobody is talking about this and they should be. Each part has a TLDR for all you smooth brains who get intimidated by walls of text. There’s also some videos if your extra smooth and don’t like reading at all. I would’ve included more pictures but I literally hit the limit of pictures allowed on a reddit post by part 2. I also had to chop up part 3 to leave out technical details because I hit the character limit for a reddit post.

Part 1

Grant Cameron released alleged notes taken by Oke Shannon in 1985 during an informal working group to attempt to establish an “advanced theoretical physics” program. Rather than focus on the drama I’m going to focus on the science because I think that’s what is truly important here. Grant removed the images quickly from twitter, but they have been archived.

TLDR; I made a video https://youtu.be/REKCoK-7_M8

Creating Context

Who was present?


Oak Shannon — LANL — Nuclear physicist

Bill Wilkinson — CIA/OIA? — unknown background

(omitted first name) McConnell — NSA — unknown background

John Alexander — AMC/USA? — is this John B. Alexander? of directed energy weapons research and paranormal investigations with a degree in sociology, PhD in education and studied neurolinguistic programming (NLP) under the First Earth Battalion. John B. Alexander apparently outs himself as the organizer of this advanced theoretical physics group in his book in 2011https://www.popularmechanics.com/space/a6488/colonel-john-alexander-plants-ufo-doubts-in-new-book/

Bert Stubblebine — BDM — Former INSCOM with masters in chemical engineering and key sponsor of Project Stargate. Now VP of BDM Corporation which was a technical services firm founded in 1959 and bought by Ford Aerospace in 1988 while Subblebine was still VP. He also consulted for ERIM, which was started in 1946 as Willow Run Laboratories and contributed to the development of remote sensing, radar, and holography. He also contracted for Space Applications Corporation. He was inducted into the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame in 1990.

Hal Puthoff — Former NSA — PhD physicist that invented tunable lasers and started the remote viewing program that turned into Project Stargate, which was an espionage operation by its own admission.

Jack Huock — Boeing engineer with degree in aerospace engineering and originator of the psychic parties or spoon bending parties.

Ed Speakman — INSCOM — Instructor of physics in 1930’s worked for Philco then Naval Research lab in the 1940’s. Was vice chairmen of research and development board of DOD in 1949–52. INSCOM since 1968.

Bill Souder — McDonnell Douglas aerospace corp

Bob Wood — McDonnell Douglas aerospace corp

(omitted name) — BDM

Jake Stewart — USDRE? — unknown

Ralph Freeman — unknown

Ron Blackburn — Lockheed (cal co?) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superfund

Milt Janzen — Lockheed

Don Keuble? — Lockheed

Applying some assumptions

Okay that’s a lot to digest. Hopefully you looked over the attendees and their backgrounds. The next thing I want to do before digging into the content for analysis is propose a few assumptions. You’ll notice the backgrounds of everyone known are either related to science, intelligence and/or some kind of psychic stuff such as remote viewing. What I want to do now is propose we ignore the psychic stuff and the remote viewing stuff. Just filter it out.

Why? I have a theory that the remote viewing stuff is used as cover for intelligence operations. This isn’t meant to be a debunking or dismissal of psychic research or claims. It makes logical sense that remote viewing would act as perfect cover for intelligence sharing to protect methods and sources. It’s also great obfuscation because it sounds absurd and can’t be adequately explained. For example, a Soviet plane crashes and we want to retrieve it before the Soviets, but we don’t want them to figure out who our man is on the inside with the intel. Well we make it look like we got the information from one of our psychic spies. This scenario actually happened as disclosed by Jimmy Carter. But how do the psychics get the information you ask? The answer is a combination of subliminal messaging, suggestion and techniques similar to neurolinguistic programming (NLP.) A very good example of this kind of illusion can be demonstrated by the illusionist Darren Brown.

Again, this isn’t a debunking of remote viewing. The idea is that even if there is something to it, it’s great cover. Maybe the results above statistical base line was a few percentage points without this “leaking” but they reached 60% by intentional leaking. In this scenario the remote viewers likely would have no idea they are part of the leak. As long as Puthoff protects his sources he has effectively created a human cryptography system. If you consider Puthoff was former NSA and many of the other people involved in the program were part of intelligence networks associated with espionage, this is a very rational explanation. If you think remote viewing is all bullshit then you certainly should consider this theory as a likely explanation for the program which existed for decades and spent considerable resources. It makes more sense than fraud/incompetence.

When we apply this theory as a filter and re-examine the list of attendees we can slash out all the psychic and remote viewing stuff and we are left with purely scientific backgrounds or intelligence backgrounds specifically associated with espionage and psyops. INSCOM being a particularly interesting one.

This filter we can now create can also be used in the opposing way, where we ignore the science and only look at the people associated with the psychic stuff in order to identify the evolution of the mythology. For example, the mythology of an off world craft and ET can be traced back from the Wilson memo to the MJ-12 documents and then back further to the Roswell mythology and then further to the Philadelphia experiment mythology, which interestingly paints a very long running psyop program in which Morris K. Jessup may have been “Paul Bennewitz’ed” (driven to madness and suicide by bad actors) for publishing a book called The Case for the UFO in 1955 in the middle of Project Blue Book when the Air Force was trying to convince the public UFO’s were not real.

Sorry if this turned into a tangent, but I do believe that it’s important to acknowledge that the existence of psyops such as this have been proven to be real and not just a conspiracy theory and that they are a serious problem. Psyops on the public not only leads to ruining personal lives of individuals caught in the cross hairs, but it also drives rampant conspiracy theory in the public and distrust in our government and institutions. It undermines society as a whole and causes widespread mental illness. I once heard someone say, “Either UFO’s are real or we have a serious mental health crisis in our country” and I’d argue it’s a case of both. UFO’s are real and we also have a serious mental health crisis because of all the gaslighting.

Another thing to consider is that this doesn’t happen in a vacuum and that the UFO topic can also be used as cover for intelligence operations the same way remote viewing is. This means it intersects with counterintelligence measures and infiltration attempts by foreign adversaries as well. So not all odd things in ufology are necessarily the US government although this statement is not meant to absolve responsibility. This actually makes a strong case for why it’s in the best interest for the US government to be more transparent on the UFO/UAP topic as it’s become a driving force in undermining the very institutions and public it’s supposed to be protecting.

Another thing to consider when analyzing this meeting is that because of the people involved and the context of the situation, we can’t rule out that the meeting itself is cover for some intel operation. We don’t know what was discussed in that meeting exactly based off of these notes. Period.

The Analysis

We must begin our analysis with the typed document stating the intro, objectives, purpose, etc. Then we can finally begin our analysis. I will not analyze every note, just what I deem interesting. There is a link at the top to all the notes for your reference.



The logical interpretation to this document is that they have identified potentially credible evidence of unknown craft that they would like to analyze if it’s credible and figure out how to “reverse engineer” (if credible) even if it’s just theoretically. They also indicate desire to obtain more evidence if justified. It appears to be very exploratory, but when we consider these people are in a SCIF environment with top security clearances and very scientific backgrounds and/or high level espionage/intelligence backgrounds it means we should take the cases that they have highlighted with some level of interest and credibility.



They appear to acknowledge Blue Book was flawed in its analysis of the situation and that such a working group contradicts this.


They bring up the Tunguska event as well. This event is very interesting as it happened in 1908 and has been determined to be a 12 megaton explosion in Russia.

Notice Williams’ name is listed under theory. We all know Tesla. Who is Suft?

This chart is very interesting, but I want to direct your attention to the column on the right titled “samples.” It lists metal, soil, and “red goo.” We have heard of the magnesium sample and I’ve heard of soil samples that had radiation present, but what is this red goo? I recall Joseph Farrell discussing a rumored red mercury mixed with wax being used to power the Die Glock/Nazi Bell. I’m hard pressed to find a reliable source on that at the moment, though.

Part 2

If you are not familiar with the Wilson memo, it’s the alleged transcription by Dr. Eric Davis of a conversation with Admiral Wilson in which Wilson allegedly admits there is a reverse engineering program for off world craft, but he couldn’t access it. Oke Shannon is mentioned in the memo and has spoken publicly about it for the first time. In the interview Shannon clearly states Williams had an interesting unified theory that others may have secretly tested. The interview is below.

TLDR; Williams’ work is well documented. He did most of it at Los Alamos National Labs and New Mexico Tech University. It’s called The Dynamic Theory and it states that mass density is the 5th dimension. He claims it forms the equations for all other theories but also introduces new predictions some of which can be interpreted as already have been verified.

I made a video version of the first half of this post if it’s too long for you to read.

Dynamic Theory

In his 5-dimension manifold theory, Williams’ finds the equations of thermodynamics have (as special cases) the otherwise distinct equations of physics including: Newton’s Mechanics, Classical Thermodynamics, Einstein’s Special Relativity, Einstein’s General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Electrodynamics, The Nuclear Strong Force and Weak Force, Gravitational Force and a deeper view of Cosmic Red Shift.

I found one of his books online for free.

Memorial and Thoughts of a Man with Great Ideas — Pharis Williams

The first thing I found in my research was a DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) document published in 2015 by James O. Shannon (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Warren R. Maines (Sandia National Laboratories), David Mathes (CEO and Founder of Spacelines),and Paul Murad (Morningstar Applied Physics, LLC) titled “Memorial and Thoughts of a Man with Great Ideas — Pharis Williams”

Before I dig into the document I want to point out who the authors are. One is Oke Shannon who worked with Pharis Williams at Los Alamos Labs. Another is from Sandia Labs. Paul Murad of Morningstar states in his linkedin profile “has over 25 years of public service as a senior technology analyst for the Department of Defense looking at foreign advanced and game-changing technology as well as defining future U.S. satellite systems for the next twenty years.” David Mathes of Spacelines has a SPI profile that states “ongoing optical research involves Dirac, Majorna and Weyl models of the electron internals, zitterbewegung, Bohmian quantum mechanics, and transactional hypothesis.”

So what does the document about Williams by these authors say? Here is a quote from the abstract.

“By applying simplifying or restrictive assumptions to the main body of the theory, Pharis shows that the major fields of physics are contained within the extensions of this theory. In these extensions, new field quantities appear to become important for systems and technical disciplines. Thus, the Dynamic Theory that he created would unify the various branches of physics into one theoretical structure. Only the future can tell what will be the impact of Pharis’ dynamic theory contributions and how engineers and scientists can gain and find new insights.”

The Space Show Interview

I even found a two hour interview of him on The Space Show.

During his Space Show interview he drops some bombs about an hour in. Williams claims to have people working on testing his compact fusion reactor and there are plans to commercialize if the results are good. He doesn’t name who is funding it and states they have good results so far, but it’s not yet confirmed.

He then goes on to claim that he demonstrated his predicted electro-gravitic effect, but could not get it published. He describes using cones on a balance and showing changes in mass depending on the direction of a DC current. He is not claiming he made anything lift, but that it’s possible theoretically and they are testing the theory. He then claims that a company called Science Applications and Research Associates (SARA) replicated it with a slightly different design and got it published in Electric Spacecraft Journal. I’ve been searching this journal, but can’t seem to find it. He doesn’t tell us the author or title of the paper, but it should be in there somewhere if any of you want to try to dig it up.

Williams goes on in the interview to say that at Los Alamos he was allowed to work on weapons only half the time and the other half on his theory.

Williams continues that a large aerospace company is testing his inductive coupling predictions and he thinks they are getting ready to publish it. If I understand that properly, that means they are testing his predictions of an electro-gravitic effect.

Electric Propulsion Study

Apparently I haven’t finished finding papers by Pharis Williams on his unified field theory that predicts electro-gravitic effects and new routes to fusion energy while he was working at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the 1980s. I found a 1990 paper titled “Electric Propulsion Study” that he is listed as an advisor on. Then I found his patent.

TLDR; https://youtu.be/wJMtwQw-QCo

The Rabbit Hole

I found a 1990 paper from the Air Force Space Technology Center titled “Electric Propulsion Study” with Pharis Williams cited as an advisor and was planning to do an entire post on it. I still would like to do that, but then I found Williams patent titled “Deuterium Reactor” and evidence that he got it through DOE funding and I fell down a rabbit hole. Perhaps you recall from my previous post that in 2009 Williams stated on The Space Show that he had his fusion energy predictions being tested by a government agency that was close to publishing results. Well his patent was filed in 2012, but unfortunately it was abandoned in 2015 due to failure to respond to an office action which is likely the result of the fact Williams died in 2014.


Okay, I know some of you will look at that one e-catword site very skeptically. So did I. The patent exists and we have video (The Space Show) of Williams claiming this fusion prediction was being tested by unnamed sources, but can we verify Indian Head Division (whatever that is) was involved? Or at least a potential connection? What is NSWC?

NSWC is Naval Service Warfare Center and Indian Head Division is dedicated to energetics and there applications in propulsion systems. Well I found a power point presentation hosted on a DARPA (.gov)site with Dr. Oliver Barham’s name on it. I also found a YouTube video of him presenting the power point at a conference. It turns out Dr. Barham is indeed Project Manager at Indian Head Division and currently working on low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) aka cold fusion research. I strongly suggest you watch his presentation titled “A Rising Scientific Tide Will Lift All Boats.”

In the presentation he mentions a 2013 patent held by the Navy and assigned to JWK International that is part of the presented results. He mentions the difficulty in getting things on this subject published requires them to focus on things that don’t sound like cold fusion so they focus on other aspects of the process such as measuring the heat or the particles created. This is reminiscent of what Dr. Gary Nolan discusses when publishing research on the phenomena. Notice the Navy patent is for particle generation. If you dig deeper into it they are generating neutrons for fusion reactions but not mentioning that. Dr. Barham also discusses the very real issue of investors not wanting their “secret sauce” published and that they need to find a way to work with academics to publish non-proprietary aspects to lift the field into mainstream credibility.

In case you missed the news, ARPA-E (offshoot of DARPA) recently announced they would be putting $10M towards the funding of LENR research.


Back To The Dynamic Theory

So how is this all relevant to Pharis Williams? The answer is that his theory reportedly predicted the results. One of the biggest hurdles in getting the subject of LENR properly funded and investigated is the lack of a good theory of how it actually works. Our current theories say it’s impossible, but not William’s theory. Not only is this the opportunity to test his theory and give it credibility, but if it’s matching the observations it creates a path forward for the proper scientific study of LENR, which would be revolutionary for humanity. It would allow for cheap, safe, abundant and clean energy. It would allow for nuclear remediation to clean up disaster sites and superfund sites. It would allow for compact fusion reactors for space travel. And if the Dynamic Theory is successful in these predictions it means the study of electro-gravitics is no longer pseudoscience or fringe theory.

If you want to dig a little deeper I found some chatter about SPAWAR being involved in this going further back. Dr. Barham actually mentions SPAWAR being involved in one of his videos as well.

As has been reported and discussed here on the forum for years, the US Navy has been involved in LENR for decades. In 2012 I believe, they shifted most of their SPAWAR work to NASA, where it continues to this day. 5 years ago, a new team of Navy researchers received DARPA funding to start their own LENR research program, and recently presented their work at ICCF24 (July 2022). Joining the Navy is another new entrant into the LENR field, and that is the US Army (Corp of Engineers).


So apparently they funneled previous work up to NASA and restarted the process at the Navy? And now are bringing the Army in?

The entire conference is available on YouTube below.

Here is more information on the conference.

Here is a link to 24 peer reviewed papers on LENR apparently from SPAWAR and JWK International.

Part 3

This work is an extension of previous research that I’ve published. The amount of preliminary research was massive, but very insightful so I will provide a link to it at the end of the intro.

If this post is too long for you I have made a YouTube video version.


Oke Shannon mentions Pharis Williams’ The Dynamic Theory during the interview and alludes that he believes it’s possible some people may have secretly tested the theory. I found this interesting and began researching Williams and his 5 dimensional theory. The basic overview is that he claims mass density is a fifth dimension and that he uses the laws of thermodynamics to derive the equations of different branches of physics such as relativity and quantum mechanics. I strongly suggest exploring my previous post I compiled just trying to get all of Williams’ work into one place for research purposes.

A New View of Space-Time-Matter

Williams has many interesting papers worth exploring in depth, but in this post I’m going to attempt to give an overview of the theory itself from Williams’ book on the theory and dive into suggested experiments from a technical document produced at the Air Force Space Technology Center in which Williams is cited as an advisor.

Link to a free online version of the book: https://web.archive.org/web/20161025211455if_/http://physicsandbeyond.com/DynamicTheory.html

Williams is discussing why he believes his approach of deriving the equations of the branches of physics from the same set of assumptions makes more sense than trying to stitch together the equations from different branches as almost everyone else attempts to do. In my opinion, he is absolutely correct. Of course it’s always possible he may simply have found a clever mathematical trick. This is why it’s important to look into new predictions made by this theory and to test them. This theory does in fact make some new predictions that are testable.

Some of the predictions and implications from this theory may be controversial, but I implore you to take it very seriously. Williams was an applauded physicist by his peers and of high credentials. Some of his peers were proponents of his theory as well. He was literally in charge of nuclear safety for the United States stockpile of nuclear weapons. He was considered knowledgable enough to be entrusted with overseeing the safety of our nuclear weapons, so I hope you would consider his theory worthy of review. There’s hardly a more serious and difficult responsibility I can think of having. Williams was allowed to spend half of his time working on his theory at LANL, so when he wasn’t overseeing the nuclear weapons and studying explosive shock physics he was working on his 5 dimensional theory.




Link to source: https://www.osti.gov/servlets/purl/1248828



When the spin axes of two deuterium nuclei are aligned we may calculate the fusion barrier by solving the six-body problem that involves the four protons and two electrons of the two deuterium nuclei. The non-singular, repulsive forces between the protons are reduced significantly when the seperation of the protons approach nuclear seperations. Also the repulsive force between the two electrons is reduced when their separations reach the sub-nuclear separations achieved within the helium nucleus. This reduction in the repulsive forces between protons and between the electrons allows the very strong remaining attractive force the protons have for the electrons to reduce the fusion barrier tremendously when compared with the standard nuclear model. The standard nuclear model requires the energy required for fusion to overcome the repulsive force of the Coulombic force between the protons and, therefore, the fusion barrier is expected to be much, much higher than the non-singular forces require.
Further, it is the trick of aligning the spin axes of the two deuterium nuclei that establishes this greatly reduced fusion barrier. If the two deuterium nuclei approach each other with their spin axes in any other orientation with respect to each other the fusion barrier increases to the fusion barrier of the standard model or greater. It is this alignment of the spin axes of the deuterium together with the non-singular forces which cause the significant reduction in the fusion barrier that is new.

Link to source: https://web.archive.org/web/20110427040617if_/http://www.physicsandbeyond.com/CompactReactor.html

I felt is was important to use Williams’ own words for the nuclear section of his theory because he is a nuclear physicist with the proverbial keys to the kingdom. To be very clear he is predicting that hydrogen to helium fusion can take place at far lower energies than the standard model predicts if you align the spin axes of the nuclei. I covered earlier how he spoke of this prediction during his interview with APEC as well as on The Space Show and even claimed his theory was being tested by an unnamed group at that time. I also shared that Williams patented a device for this reaction, but unfortunately passed away not long after.

Link to source: https://patents.google.com/patent/US20130235963A1/en

Another interesting thing is that in John Alexander’s book “Reality Denied” he states in chapter 1 that Robert Bigelow offered to fund William’s research.

“The caller announced that he was Bob Bigelow. He had heard about me and asked if there were any projects that needed funding. Coincidence? Possibly, but how did it happen that a complete stranger would call asking about funding projects just as some of the leading scientists in the world had completed a discussion of the topic…Having recently retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory, I was looking for new options and suggested to Bob that we get together. A short time later he flew over to Santa Fe, and as a result of that meeting he did fund a project of a friend of mine, Pharis Williams. “Willie,” as he was known, had been working on his Dynamic Theory for a long time and want to complete it.”


So, at least according to John Alexander, we can deduce that Robert Bigelow was likely the funder of this research that Williams claimed was happening. I haven’t thoroughly assessed the information in Alexander’s book to mine deeper so there may be more confirmation in there. I also implore some good investigative journalists to look into this. I only research information that is already publicly available.


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