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For the past few weeks, at any given time, I would see around 10k online users…from 8am, to dinner time. For the most part, when i checked, there had usually been around 10k… but for the past few days, I’ve noticed that number is staying around 5k.

I think the airline abduction hoax video really did run a lot of folks off. Obviously there was going to be a boom after David grusch, I admittedly joined just before the hearing, although I’ve been interested and following the topic for over a decade. But we have to be careful what we engage with on here, guys.

The topic is already confusing enough as it is, so I guess this is just a note to the daily users on here…let’s do our best to keep engagement high, but engage with things that are worthy of everyone’s attention.

That airline hoax conversation dominated the sub for far, far too long. And even if you’re convinced it’s real…there comes a time to move on to the next thing…not saying to forget about it, but we just need to not allow something like that to happen again, in my opinion. And I’m not turning this into a thread arguing about those airline abduction videos either. Let’s not get that started again. I just don’t want folks to leave the community because we are going around in circles for days and days posting endless threads about a hoax video.

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