Sighting two years ago, reposted because the originally apparently never made it? Anyways.

Hey guys. Just wanted to post my story and see if anyone has seen something similar. Unfortunately did not manage or even think to capture video at the time, none of us were thinking about UFOs at the time let alone expecting to see one.

So, my buddy and I were hanging out in the living room one night just watching TV, smoking, the usual.

Suddenly, we hear what I can only describe as a loud engine of some sort. Sounded like a low-flying plane. It was LOUD. we were immediately concerned.

So we rush over to the window, because this thing is practically shaking the house. I look up into a pitch black sky, and all of a sudden see two rather large red lights, maybe 100-150 feet apart, heading over and away from the house.

“Oh, it’s a huge ass plane”

I continue staring at this black sky, with the red lights getting further away. Suddenly, two MORE red lights passed over the house, and the sky cleared up- stars were again visible, low level light, etc.

That’s when it dawns on me, whatever just flew over the house was not only not a plane, but also big enough to defy logic. I look at my friend and he’s just mouth agape, shaking his head. I go “what the fuck??” And he just goes “dude, I don’t know.” We both agree it was impossible and we kind of put it to rest eventually.

Why I think this was a (very) large UAP:

1) it was way too low to be a plane. My area is heavily air-trafficked, but at 30,000 feet. Occasionally you will see something at half that height headed to a more local airport, this was not that. If I had to conservatively guess, this craft was no more than 500 feet above us: if it was a plane, it would be in immediate danger of crashing into the nearby river or mountains.

2) the size. This thing probably took about 10 or 15 seconds to pass over the house, thought it felt like a lifetime in retrospect. Given the time between both sets of lights, and the fact the sky was literally blocked out between the two sets of lights, it paints a picture in my head of either a 2x football-field sized craft moving relatively slow, or a craft so big it sounds comical to even speculate, flying very fast. I lean toward the former. If I had to imagine the shape, I’d guess rectangle or triangle.

3) the lights. The lights were not blinking, and were a deep, almost dull, dark red. Bright enough to notice them immediately and obfuscate anything above (behind) the lights, but not bright enough to say, illuminate the ground underneath.

4) the fact that it was just fucking gone. We watched the last pair of lights fly over us, and saw them head in the direction over the rest of town, and they just simply faded from view. I can’t really speculate on this. It would have had to make an extremely sharp maneuver to leave our field of view, either to one side or all the way up. Either way, it simply disappeared from our field of view.

5) the deeply unsettling feeling my friend and I were left with. The feeling that what we had just witnessed didn’t really make sense according to what we know about life. Neither of us really cared about or believed in UFOs beyond a small possibility. Were both pretty skeptical people who would be quick to try and debunk something like this, and we couldn’t come up with anything.

The most plausible terrestrial phenomena that could account for what we saw would have been either a commercial airliner flying dangerously low, or a squadron of gunship-type helicopters. There are numerous problems with the first explanation. The second is more possible given our location, but I still write it off because there was no helicopter sound. I’ve heard and seen Blackhawks irl many times. This thing sounded like a massive Dyson airblade, not a helicopter. It was a low and constant rumble, not your classic fwpfwpfwpfwp noise. Also, they let us know when military craft are expected to fly over us. There were no mentions in the local paper, no one else asking “hey is xyz location flying today?” On social media, which is typical during those events. It was also the middle of the goddamn night.

So, to this day I maintain that what we saw was a UAP. A fucking big one. What was it doing flying over our house? No clue. We are near a major waterway, and also within one of the most heavily populated metro areas. There is one military installation of note, one energy location of note, but mostly its just a big ass civilian center.

So, has anyone ever encountered anything like this, or had a similar feeling upon seeing something similar? It’s been eating at me ever since it happened, and even during all this UAP in the news wave, I almost tend to block it from memory.

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