Plane was not in low altitude or?

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Recently a user discussed that the clouds in the satellite footage are cumulus clouds and therefore plane must be at altitudes 1000 to 5000 ft. Possibly low on fuel and making emergency decent… Or what if plane is actually high in altitude, satellite view include low altitude clouds and orbs were added to the footage and not carefully, later !

If that is the case (plane is low in altitude) then we do not see a jet wash or contrail but rather a smoke remains from engine fire or a fire smoke from somewhere of the plane ! Or a smoke of unknown origin because, Contrails do not show up below 26000 ft ! They show up in extremely cold weather in high altitude only !

Additionally I would say that the orbs darker trail as seen in drone flir footage and as they follow the plane demonstrate a lower temperature at their interfaces, meaning that orbs effectively compress air molecules as they move within atmosphere leaving a cold air trail behind themselves. Then Orbs must be solid interfaces like our air crafts ! Or effectively able to compress air molecules as they move and therefore our known physics should be applicable to them.

But, the orbs do not show a contrail in satellite imaging ! Nothing! So could be that both orbs and plane are actually at low altitude and plane is on fire because, how can then orbs not condense the air and humidity into Contrails visible by satellite as they follow the airplane ?

So based on my observations, orbs are able to compress air molecules, however not condensing them enough to turn them into water at low temperature of the environment (if we think plane was at 26k ft or higher).

just like any other air craft and or expected physics, orbs manipulate space at molecular level and push themselves forward. We do this with jet propulsion and we do get the Contrails at cold environment ! It’s earth after all we got water molecules everywhere.

So based on my physics knowledge and brief reasoning above, I would suggest if footage is real that,

1- everything we see happens at lower altitude than 26000 ft

2- the plane is on fire, smoke is what we see and we have no idea why ? Was it shutdown by mistake ?

orbs use a propulsion that does infact compress it’s interfacial atmosphere, increase air density at their interfaces but somehow this does not result in condensation yet this is visible by the flir thermal range (hinting at everything happening at low altitude).

Or footage is fake !

Plane is at high altitude and not on fire and shows Contrails. Clouds are visible in satellite images as it’s probably a real footage and since satellite footage has infinite depth of field, all clouds are visible and hoaxer forgot to think about visible Contrails of the orbs in satellite footage.

Please let me know if I missed something here…

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