Possible explanation for random orbs in this weather timelapse in Hawaii? Seems similar to Graves’ recent pilot video

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Okay, I wasn’t sure whether I should post this video as I figured it wasn’t worth the energy, but after seeing the cockpit footage I felt like I had to at least point out the comparison with other higher quality footage because the behavior is almost identical, in my totally uneducated opinion.

For reference, here’s the tweet from Graves with the video, and I just want to point out the event at 3:27 in the video as the best point of comparison for my next video.

For context: I’m not really a UFO person, not active in this sub, and I’m pretty skeptical all around, but of course am intrigued by weather phenomena as well as UFOs/UAPs. I was recently discussing possible explanations on a video posted in this(?) sub about red lights in New Mexico during a storm, and I was positing it could possibly be ball lightning (which is an extremely rare form of lightning). I think it’s pretty likely that that video wasn’t ball lightning, but in my process of researching it and various weather phenomena, I came across this timelapse of gigantic jets in Hawaii.

Now, I just want to first say that this timelapse is awesome, and if you aren’t familiar with sprites, ELVES, blue jets, etc., I highly recommend looking into them. They are very rarely seen upper atmospheric weather events. This video shows gigantic jets and I believe some sprites. But I coincidentally found at several points in the video glowing orbs that behave similar to the cockpit video to a tee: random and erratic movement, sudden appearance/disappearance, sudden changes in brightness from dark to bright, to very bright.

The main 3 orbs you see happen at the 46th second. You’ll want to use the period and comma keys to frame through as well, but you can very clearly see them from 46-50 seconds on the left side just above the left observatory. The first two make distinct arcing formations, whereas the 3rd is the most erratic. If you frame through, you can see less distinct orbs in the same area, but I think these are the most prominent and most worth focusing on.

In the video, you can see tons of lights, ranging from meteors, to planes, lightning, blue/gigantic jets, sprites, cars, etc, so there’s a lot to work with, but these still seem so distinct. For one, the patterns of movement are way too erratic for planes. The first two ascending and rapidly descending far too steeply before just completely disappearing, and the 3rd one makes totally indiscriminate movement, and at the 48th and 49th second, you can see it suddenly dashes to the left, appears to completely reverse its direction for a moment before suddenly dashing again to the left and off screen, changing its speed drastically. What’s also fascinating with this one is you can see its light shining off the clouds just below it.

I also forgot to point out that the second orb in the first pair, starts off almost completely dim before erupting in bright light. You can see it just barely come in above the first orb very dimly, and as it moves to the left it descends, before becoming very bright and then disappearing.

Some of my doubts with making this comparison are that I can’t be totally sure of the perspective, especially with the 3rd one. It seems erratic to my untrained eye, but I can’t rule out that perhaps it only seems erratic due to the angle of approach coming head on with the camera. I also have to remember that Hawaii is big helicopter tourism destination, but I still am left wondering why you would fly that randomly, as well as left wondering about the shift in brightness.

I mentioned ball lightning earlier, and I don’t think this is a feasible explanation given that the only recorded observed occurrences that I am aware of were too fast for the naked eye to perceive, and definitely too fast for a camera like this, especially in a timelapse posted to youtube with a limited FPS. One was in China that occurred in nature, the other was an attempt to recreate ball lightning in a lab setting by Stanford University in 2008-2009. So, keeping in mind the timelapse nature of this video, my only conclusion is that I can imagine that slowed down, this trio of lights would look awfully similar to what is both seen and described by the pilots in the video Ryan Graves posted.

There’s actually some people in the comments who noticed the same orbs a year or two ago! So, I don’t know what to make of it, but I figured it was worth mentioning in case anyone else is curious and just to get it out of my own head, haha.

Also, this is the Mauna Kea observatory/Gemini North Telescope if anyone else wants to do some research. I would be curious to know which direction this is looking and if it’s possible to pinpoint if there’s any air strips where those orbs descend, but in this video I didn’t notice any particular patten that would indicate there being an airport on the ground there and I’m not familiar with the geography enough to say definitively. On google maps, there is Bradshaw Army Airfield at the base of the mountain, but again, I have no idea if that’s in frame here. It seems like any civilian airstrips would be much farther away toward the coast.

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