Possible sighting 8/13/23 – Emigration Canyon, UT

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I’ve sat on this for a couple days, thinking it’s probably the Baader–Meinhof effect as I’ve been lost in the ufo sauce the last few weeks. I’ve always been fairly certain the extraterrestrial life exists from a mathematical standpoint but I never really though they might already be here, the recent swath of evidence and testimonies have started to swing my opinion. I figured I’d open up what I saw to y’all to provide alternate opinions.

My wife and I went up Emigration Canyon, UT to get away from the city lights to watch the Perseid Meteor shower. We went over and last Little Mountain Summit as it was packed with cars, closer to Little Dell Reservoir.

At around 12:45am while staring over the ridge to catch the meteors, I noticed a pulsing orange light, it pulsed white and green as well upon further zooming in. My first thought was, hey someone is trying to film the shower with their drone. It stayed almost stationary for 30-40 minutes. Occasionally smoothly drifting left and right. Using google maps I estimated where I though it was, was approximately 1/3 of a mile from my car at the top of the ridge line. Seemed possible that a drone would be the size I saw it at that distance. (Map of original estimated distance)

When we were driving down from back over summit, I actually saw that it was over more towards the Lookout Peak direction, but likely not that far. Google maps shows somewhere between 1.5-2.5 miles based on my guesstimate of where it was from where I was originally parked. (map of new distance estimate). I don’t think I would have been able to see a drone at the size I saw it at that distance. My wife confirms she say the same light and the same distance changes. She was a heavy skeptic and still is.

Why I think it might not be a:

drone: it was in the area for at least 40 minutes, the mavic pro 3 maximum flight time is 43 minutes. So within the possibility of a commercially popular drone but pushing the boundary. Additionally finding the distance change I don’t think the drone would have been the size I saw it at. Plane: I saw plenty of planes fly farther past the area on a typical flight path that night. They usually don’t stay in a stationary position for 30-40 minutes Helicopter: I saw 3 helicopters that night. I clearly could see the distinguished light pattern and a continuous path of flight into and through my field of view. A stationary light source like a tower: I watched the orb of light move and drift a distinct distance from my stationary view point, right, then left, repeat. Too much drift for a stationary light point.

That leaves me with: I don’t know what I saw.

And if you made it this far (or just skipped) here is a really dark and grainy video shot on my iPhone 14 pro, starting at 1:04am MT. We left 10ish minutes after filming. At approximately 40 seconds you can see how far I had my camera zoomed in to catch the light at a decent size.

Video: https://youtu.be/t-ykxE_oZtY

I’m happy to hear thoughts on what it could have been.

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