Everyone seems to be going nuts at the moment about his medical records being leaked to the Intercept.

Fact: There hasn’t yet been a publication by the Intercept.

Fact: The IC trying to discredit him this way would be the weakest of many possible ways to do that.

Fact: Coulthardt and company can’t wait until something like this happens because it gives them something else to talk loudly about when there has been a lull in the news cycle. (Where are all these other first hand witnesses?!)

People just need to calm down a little until something actually happens here.

If the IC were attempting to discredit the guy, they would say that he suffered from psychosis or schizophrenia or something other than PTSD – which many vets suffer from and which probably tends to victimize (and not discredit) him.

Finally, it doesn’t take medical records to know some of this stuff. If he was truly on the phone with someone who shortly thereafter took their own life, there would be multiple other sources for this information aside from his medical records. If they were very close, Grush would have attended his funeral and spoken to his family – for example. People close to the situation would also likely know what happened.

I’m not affirmatively saying this isn’t an attempt to discredit him. I’m saying we all just need to take a step back and wait for something to actually happen here.

It’s just all so tenuous until something actually happens.

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