How do you come to the conclusion that 1 person is more credible than another? For example the census here is that Greer is not credible but Tom Delonge is. But why? I have stayed away from anything Greer but the stall in disclosure and this urge to find out some kind of truth led me to actually listen to some of what he talks about. It left me in this rabbit hole asking even more questions.

So you got Graves making the comment during the hearing about the military having uap’s but letting people believe they are from off world. You got Grusch confirming that they have uap’s from off world and have been reverse engineering them since forever, and those same people have been actively discrediting any and all leaks that have happened over the last 70+ years. Greer seems to say the same thing as Grusch, but gives more emphasis on disclosure for the sake of the planet. Then there’s Tom doom posting about reading a bunch of religious books that paints the picture that we are on a prison planet and the alien overlords of past are coming back and we need to be prepared… To fight? (That’s how I interpreted it, when he says it’s going to be worse then WW2, 9/11 and COVID combined).

Then I’m like is any of this real? Because this is going to be a controlled disclosure, won’t we only get the side that “they” want us to know, and how much we get to know. They have already said no more hearings, no SCIF’s for the people that seem to want to get this out to the public, and we the people get nothing burgers.

Tom is on their side saying he understands why they have been hiding everything, and he figured things out on his own so “they” just read him in and gave him all this information to get out to the public by writing books and making movies to profit off of. Am I the only one thinking, like why? Why would they trust a rockstar with national security information. Doesn’t that make anyone else feel like he is part of the disinformation campaign?

Isn’t that a big reason why Greer is considered a grifter, because he’s making a profit off of his version of disclosure?

Lou left TTSA because of “differences” in how disclosure should go, and he leaves breadcrumbs but said get off social media, and find a hobby til 2026/2027 when everything will be out. Wtf Lou!? I just want some answers or truth.

God dam rabbit holes

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