Ross Coulthart: “Has been told” the object intercepted in Alaska in February 2023 was “anomalous.” A F-22 allegedly hit the object that “looked like a giant tic-tac” with an AIM missile, “something was seen to fall off the object” when hit by the missile, but the anomalous object “kept on going.”

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Ross Coulthart spoke for approximately two hours at the Victorian State Library on August 12, 2023 as part of “Close Encounters Australia.” He gave about an hour long speech, and then answered Q&A for another hour after. In that Q&A he shared some specific information that he has learned about the Alaska shootdowns when he was asked about it by the audience.

For full transparency – it sounds like Ross is not yet 100% confident in this information, but this is the best information he has available to him at this time. I still thought it was interesting/worth posting here. Nonetheless, I suggest we don’t take this information as 100% fact from Ross as he even states himself “I’m happy to be proved wrong, but it would be very very interesting to see an explanation from the White House” at the end of this portion of the Q&A.

I do find it notable that some of his sources in defense and intelligence are telling him off the record yes it was anomalous.


Ross believes two of the three objects shot down in February were prosaic, mundane objects… probably weather balloons. Ross “has been told” one of the objects, the object in Alaska, was “anomalous.” He’d be happy to be proved wrong, but that’s the information he has been told thus far. Ross has been told the Alaska object “looked like a giant-tic tac,” and a AIM missile was shot at it from a F-22. When the missile impacted the object, something was seen to fall off the object, but the object kept going even though it was hit with the missile. Ross says he’s “put this to different people in defense and intelligence, and I’ve been told yes… the Alaska object was anomalous.” When Ross tries to get more information on an “official basis” about these shoot downs from people in the DOD they “run 100 miles an hour” away Ross mentions there being an “abundance of sources” supporting the narrative that object was “anomalous”

I have transcribed the relevant portion of the Q&A from the video below. The relevant portion of the Q&A in the video starts at 46:55.

Audience (42:45): “Can you update us on the sphere and the US shootdowns from February?”

Ross Coulthart (46:59): “On the balloons, we’re talking here about the balloons here in February, the February shoot downs. Now, to give you some official response to this, I think a very senior defense official was just recently quoted in the newspapers as saying there’s nothing alien or extraterrestrial about these shootdowns, about the objects that were shot down.”

Ross Coulthart (47:18): “And I thought that was a very interesting comment because… the information I have is that two of the objects were indeed prosaic, they were just mundane objects. Probably weather balloons. But there is an abundance now of sources, including a guy who… heh… literally lives at the end of the road in Alaska where this object was encountered by a F-22 jet.”

Ross Coulthart (47:42): “There was definitely a missile fired at an object which was described as… looking a little bit like a giant tic-tac, funnily enough. That something was seen to fall off that object. That even though it was hit with an AIM missile, which is a top of the line air-to-air missile, that the object kept on going. And uh… I’ve put this to different people in defense and intelligence, and I’ve been told yes… the Alaska object was anomalous. And um, anytime I try to get a response from anybody on an official basis they run 100 miles an hour.”

Ross Coulthart (48:22): “But you might notice, that nobody has given a report back to the American public or the world about what it was that the U.S., for the first time in the history of NORAD, they shot down something over North America. That’s a historic event. And yet we haven’t been told, neither has America, the full story of what those shoot downs involved.”

Ross Coulthart (48:45): “I’m told two of them were prosaic, but one of them was anomalous. And, um, I’m happy to be proved wrong, but it would be very very interesting to see an explanation from the White House. And I just think it’s very conspicuous that we haven’t had a response.”

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