In this video [here](, Ross investigates a metal ball discovered by Jim Marlin’s neighbor, who claimed it was deposited by a UFO. The claim is that the ball can move on it’s own, and one time, blasted a form of light propulsion out of it, knocking jim back when he tickled it with his feet. Ross measures it, and I took those measurements to see what it could possibly be.

It’s slightly less dense than solid aluminum, yet rusts and is magnetic. Possibly an unknown alloy. If it is alluminum, then it’s not solid, and it has at least some kind of ferrous metal on it’s surface.

Radius Calculation: Using the formula for circumference (C = 2πr), the radius is roughly 12.89 cm (81 divided by (2 times 3.14)).

Volume Calculation: Using the volume formula for a sphere (Volume = 4/3 * π * r^3), the volume is roughly 9018.48 cubic cm or about 9.018 liters.

Density Calculation: Density is mass divided by volume. With the ball weighing 50 pounds (which is about 22.68 kg), its density is approximately 2.51 kg/liter.

Comparative Densities:

Aluminum: 2.7 kg/liter Iron: 7.87 kg/liter Gold: 19.32 kg/liter

In conclusion, the ball’s density aligns closely with aluminum, albeit slightly lesser. Oddly enough though, they do scrape what appears to be rust off the surface, and as we all know, aluminum doesn’t rust, and it was magnetic, which aluminum isn’t, so some further investigation is needed there. It’s plausible it could be an aluminum alloy, another material of comparable density, or even be hollow with a varied internal structure.

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