Ryan Graves’ Organization Not What You Think

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Ryan Grave’s post yesterday makes concerned about his intentions. Why would he advertise a plan to post videos like yesterday’s post?

First, he has stated repeatedly that the goal of his organization is pilot safety. I agree and I’m on board. I’m in the process of getting my private pilot license and safety is important. Looking through that lens only, however, there is absolutely nothing from yesterday’s post that tells me any pilot was in danger from that incident. It’s far away, blurry, and could be literally anything. It isn’t in a restricted area, nothing military seems obvious and I don’t see any unsafe behaviors from whatever it is. No deviations from authorized flight routes. Nothing about this post would require the FAA to investigate. Think of 4 cars at a stop sign. The FAA has a set of regulations on how aircraft handle being in close proximity to each other. If that isn’t followed, the pilots and radar will flag it and its investigated. Not perfect but pretty detailed. Same as boat safety.

During the hearing, he felt to me like a contrasting/alternative testimony to refute Grusch. I don’t recall him saying anything about believing they are UAP or NHI. Just potentially dangerous. He repeated his focus is pilot safety only and creating a way for pilots to report UAP. Again I actually am onboard with that so from that angle I support him. But how does yesterday’s post relate?

I again felt he was the contrast argument on his Hill interview. His statements almost contradicted Burchette, Luna, and Moskowitz (spelling?). He said he was treated fine by the government, including during the hearing. He stated multiple times that AARO was great and he sends pilots to them. Big red flag for me.

Finally, when reading the text of yesterday’s post, something became apparent to me. It happened only a few weeks ago. Nothing in his post tells me that his organization reviewed it prior to post. I don’t see they have any scientific approach or methodology to research what he receives. No ability to obtain radar or outside data. I don’t see a discussion about how sightings like this pose a safety issue. Or how the FAA would need to get involved. Which circles me back to AARO. Are these the kinds of things AARO are focusing on?



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