Hi everyone. CNJ is close to a couple airports so it’s fairly easy to discern what’s an airplane and what isn’t but this really caught my attention along with some residents who were also looking at it outside the grocery store. it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. I was staring at it for a while and noticed there were some lapses where it was descending gradually if you took a very close look and sometimes it felt like it just stayed at a fixed state. Noticed there were some other reports about this sighting as well.

As far as why this caught my attention as opposed to thinking it’s just another airplane – there’s a good selection of airports both south and north of CNJ so can tell what it and isn’t one. Also had a thought about it being another space x launch but couldn’t find any info regarding that. Considering these factors it opens up a dialogue of speculation regarding if its a unidentified flying object or not but really hoping to get other people’s opinions.

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