For those unfamiliar with the Spotlight team of The Boston Globe, the small team is comprised of multiple investigative reporters that spend months researching one topic to report on.

Their most famous news story of course is the Catholic church’s child sexual abuse scandal by priests in the Boston area.

At least initially, but due to their investigative reporting, the sexual abuse scandal wound up uncovering such incidents worldwide.

This story is being reported on, but only taken seriously by very few major outlets. I think if enough of us email, or call into the Spotlight team, and focus on the main points of the UAP phenomenon and/or the cover up; the stonewalling of congress, lack of oversight, danger to both US military pilots and commercial pilots and planes, attacks on the character of whistleblowers and physical harm threats to them as well, and that the DOD cannot account for $2.135 TRILLION dollars of their assets, paid for by taxpayers (this comes to just over $8,000 per US tax paying citizen on avg.). It would be something they couldn’t ignore.

Most of us have come to the reasonable and only logical conclusions could possibly be.

Many, and some very high ranking military, intelligence community personnel, as well as high ranking elected officials, are either mentally unstable in some form, and/or potentially part of some cult, or shared mass delusion, for 70-80 plus years. If true, this needs to be addressed. (Least likely, but plausible.)

The MIC and sects of the US Government are intentionally lying to, and are in the process of the largest, and most complex psychological operation ever perpetrated on not just the US citizens, but of the world. And have been doing so for 70-80 plus years. This would also imply there is a very real likelihood, that our elected officials are not in control, and our votes don’t really matter. And if this is the case, what is so important, that a psychological operation requiring the use of UFOs, and NHI would be used as the MIC “distraction”? (Also not likely, but possible.)

What Grusch, Fravor, Graves and others are claiming is, at the very least, partially, if not entirely true. Which if it is, this should be the most massive story in all of human civilization, and has species changing implications for all future generations. And should be treated as such. (At this point, this seems the most likely.)

I think this approach is what the Spotlight team would have to take seriously. We currently can’t prove any of the scenarios, but military and commercial pilot safety, lack of MIC oversight, attacking whistleblowers, and trillions of tax payer dollars unaccounted for, are all undeniable facts.

I think no matter what side any of us comes down on, we can all agree that the above mentioned facts should interest, and concern all of us. And we have a right to answers.

What does everyone think? I think if the Spotlight team was flooded with 5,000+ calls and e-mails, it might just be enough to make them take a look?

How to contact The Boston Globe’s Spotlight team.

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