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I’ve noticed a prevailing trend lately – an inundation of the airliner video across every corner of our discussions. Amidst this wave, I’d like to introduce a different facet into our discourse. It’s time we recentered our attention on a core matter – ‘point zero energy’. In my eyes, this concept stands as the very pivot around which suppression revolves. I propose we shift our emphasis, rallying behind ‘point zero energy’ discussions and evidence as fervently as we do the airliner video. It’s the linchpin that, when exposed, has the potential to unravel the tightly woven threads of secrecy. Imagine the possibilities if ‘point zero energy’ became a focal point, ultimately dismantling the web of concealment. Isn’t it intriguing that we haven’t yet established a dedicated mega thread for ‘point zero energy’? A place where evidence, theories, and discussions could find a home. Consider podcasts and dialogues featuring those like Salvatore Pais, who could potentially shed light on this enigmatic topic. Let’s recalibrate our course, channeling our energy towards unlocking the secrets of ‘point zero energy’ and in turn, unraveling the complexities that lie beneath the surface. 🌌⚛️

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