These are just a few videos I dug up because I was bored. I don’t pretend that any of these are authentic alien space craft and could be CGI or something. Lol.

A couple of them are pretty interesting. The red triangle seems like it’s maybe not fake. One was uploaded a few hours ago and it shows a rotating craft above the clouds. Im no expert but it’s probably fake. Look at it and draw your own opinion. If a expert in this kind of stuff thinks just one is real then that was worth my time.

At one time there was way more good footage of UFOs on YouTube. It’s been wiped or something I think. I can’t find any of the good footage I used to think would always be on YouTube. I should have downloaded the good footage years ago. The best footage available right now is of the cube like UAP recorded from a airplane. We have all seen that one. I went ahead and added it because I don’t think it’s been debunked yet.

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