Squaring the Circle: Interdimensional Space Brothers

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It is difficult to find common threads amid the diverse reports of the phenomena and the potential for misinformation, hoaxes, vivid dreams, false memories from hypnosis sessions, psyops etc.

So allow me to extrapolate if we assume recent developments are true.

Premise 1:

US Government and Contractors are hiding UFOs, bodies of NHI.

I think most will agree here.

Premise 2:

At least SOME of these are interdimensional in origin.

David Grusch says this is the most prominent theory within the Program, from those I assume without the full picture.

An email from Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut to John Podesta in the wikileaks scandal said: “Remember, our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth.” Contiguous Universe suggests a parallel one.

UFOs are reported often as strange shapes according to multiple sources, such as enormous flat squares, spheres, cigars, cubes within transparent spheres. Cubes within transparent spheres are part of stereographic projection from 4d to 3d space. http://www.dimensions-math.org/Dim_CH2_E.htmIf you paint a large white cube on a 3-sphere, and orient the sphere such that this region faces your 4D viewpoint, you would see it as more or less a white cube inside a sphere (as projected onto your 4D eye). Strange visual reports are a result of UFOs entering, exiting or co-existing in 4D space.

Premise 3:

Parallel dimensional beings are more likely than higher dimensional beings.

Both are possible, but to imagine a being from a higher dimension that we cannot even perceive being able to survive in our dimension seems unlikely. If going for most likely, we can assume parallel dimensional beings who enter and exit our universe through higher dimensional space (likely 4d).

Premise 4:

If the fourth dimension is time, we can assume that those entering our reality are also time travellers.

Yes, I realise this feels like a leap, but if they can travel interdimensionally or into the fourth dimension, they MUST be able to travel temporally also. The fourth dimension is considered by many physicists to to be time:https://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2019/08/27/this-is-why-time-has-to-be-a-dimension/

Note also that last year, Ross Coulthart, who I consider very well informed, said it seemed that time travel was involved. https://www.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/141kuna/is_it_time_travel_after_all_ross_coulthart_the/

Premise 5:

The visitors look like us, and might be able to procreate with us.

If we assume that parallel universes are visiting ours, then they are likely humans from a different timeline, potentially many thousands of years into our future, or some version of our future. As such, it may be possible for them to procreate with us.

It may be that the reports that refer to blond, tall, nordic looking humans with pale skin are indeed accurate. It may also explain the references to the reported peculiar fixation with human reproduction.

Premise 6:

The greys may be artificially created beings, or us from the future.

I think we can assume that the reports of diminituve beings of some sort cannot be discounted. So how do we account for them?

We have 4 most likely answers.

ETs from another star system Parallel beings from a very different timeline to Earth where humans never evolved. AI creations of the space brothers that we are now assuming are at least one of the visitors. Humans so far in the future, they look alien.

For Option 1, I must think, what are the chances that we are being visited and monitored by not only extraterrestrials from Zeta Reticuli, requiring 30+ years of travel at the speed of light, at the same time as highly advanced time travelling interdimensional space cousins?

That being said, its possible that in some far future universe, ETs HAVE met with the space brothers, and some have come along for the ride / do contract work for the space brothers.

Option 2. Seems unlikely convergent evolution would match our bodies so closely.

Option 3 would explain the reports of the greys being synthetic in some way, e.g. seemingly perfectly engineered DNA, robotic parts, erc. but with the terrible stench of ammonia so regularly reported – an unlikely design for a being that is supposed to be created as a helper.

Option 4 suffers the same problem as 2.

Option 1 or 3 seems most likely option.

Premise 7:

The space-brothers’ interest in nuclear weapons is out of self-preservation/fraternal concern.

Grusch and others have highlighted the visitors’ interest in nukes. If we assume these are ourselves from a parallel future, it is possible that these beings are worried that their timeline may be impacted in some way by a nuclear conflagration on Earth.

Their concern may also be brotherly, as more advanced and spritually evolved counterpart watching their immature sibling play with matches. It seems that they want to help and prevent complete disaster, but also do not feel it is their place to interfere.

Premise 8:

We are part of a long-term study on the nature of the universe.

If we assume the reports of flaming shields in the sky from the Roman era and earlier are true, and the strangely perfetly cut monuments from around the world, we can assume that these space brothers have been here in some form for some time.

Why are they here? The clue is in how long they have been here. They are not unlike us, they explore in the search of knowledge. To travel to other universes must mean it is the nature of universes that they seek to understand. If I had to guess based on more recent anecdotal evidence, part of their study is on consciousness and how it manifests in our universe.

Premise 9:

The space-brothers can be pranksters, jokers and dishonest, just like us.

It seems like even those in the pentagon’s highest levels are not sure what the visitors are. Its possible the space brothers are never honest with us about their ultimate origin. Their desire to prank and play with us may be what causes the highly unusual behaviour seen during encounters.

Premise 10:

World religions may be the result of past intervention to instil morality into humans.

There seems to be a great fear from the secret keepers that religions will collapse in the face of Disclosure. This has been reported many times over the years from military leaks. This does not seem part of any psyop as its precisely the kind of talk they would want to avoid.

My theory is that its possible that some religious experiences are the result of space brothers interventions. Unfortunately, “pranks” cannot be discounted too.

Premise 11:

Cattle mutilations are illegal poaching/tourism.

This is speculative, but these incidents must be answered. Is this a prank by some space brothers to mess with lonely farmers? Do cattle not exist in the parallel universe, so their parts are taken home as trophies, to be sold on the black market?

If human mutilations are real, does this mean greys have taken their anuses, lips, eyes and genitals because their own bodies are so different?

Premise 12:

Intermixing of genes has happened, and we may have space brother DNA.

Many in the know but bound by their oaths have spoken cryptically about the nature of our origins. There is some interesting evidence in our rapid evolution after we diverged from chimps, with “human specific gene insertions and deletions” discovered.



My current most likely scenario is:

Interdimensional, time-travelling space brothers from a parallel future world where first contact with Greys has already happened, and some work alongside them. They are studying their past and the nature of the universe in our time-stream, avoiding intervention for the sake of their long-term study and desire not to meddle in our development any further, whilst preventing outright destruction.


This is not my genuine belief in life, the universe and everything, just one scenario among many that I think is more likely than some.

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