In January 1985, in Mendoza, there was a very short earthquake which some people attributed to the fall of an object from the sky. In this post I translated some testimonials which recount their experiences regarding that day.

The first is from the surgeon Jorge Daniel Carrio, who in 1992 had to attend to a commissioner who explained that that night he received orders to maintain a perimeter around the Papagallos area in order not to let anyone in or out. According to the commissioner, the perimeter consisted of Mendoza police and another more internal one carried out by the Argentine Army, from which Argentine and American helicopters went in and out. The other testimony present in the video is from Mr. Miguel Santaibañez, who lived in the area that was within the perimeter and also mentions the arrival of the army to prevent entry into the area. He mentions that his family was not allowed to enter and that he was not allowed to leave the perimeter because “there could be contamination.” Like the surgeon Jorge, he mentions the helicopters and also foreign people whom he could not understand, he was told they were engineers. He mentions that later he followed the tracks of these people but saw nothing.

In this short testimony from Rosa del Carmen Gomez, she explains that she heard a noise as if a plane were passing by, a very loud whistle and a blast. She implies that they always had doubts about what happened since it is said that it was just an earthquake but that does not explain the noises they heard. It seemed to her that the planes were attacking something:

Jorge Guerrero mentions that he was eating in a restaurant when the earthquake struck. He says that he had to jump out the window and that he saw how part of the mountain was illuminated with a light between yellow and red, as if the sun were rising or setting:

In 2011 the official website of the Argentine Air Force suffered an “unauthorized modification” denouncing the concealment of the crash of a cigar-shaped craft in Mendoza on January 26, 1985:

“A hacker intervened the official website to claim information about a strange event that occurred in January 1985 in Mendoza. The site is now functioning normally.

The hacking of the page lasted only a few hours, but it was enough for the author’s message to circulate on the web.

In the page he introduced a photo of a pilot, his signature and a text telling about the event of January 26, 1985 in Mendoza.

In his denunciation, he indicates that on that day a cigar-shaped object fell in the area of Papagayos and that a large number of national and foreign military personnel were present.

According to Los Andes newspaper, that same day an earthquake shook the area and the local inhabitants attributed it to the fall of the object.”

The message left by the person(s) reads as follows:

Did you know exactly what happened on January 26, 1985?

Through an investigation I conducted, with people in the area and others…they said they saw SOMETHING at that time, both in the sky and in part of the area where “something fell”, the place where it was cut off by government agents, without naming those “foreign military”.

Through the account of another person of great confidence, whose name I will not give, was sent to the area where, according to what he told me, he saw a ship in the shape of a cigar, and beings inside.

The worst of all is that there is a video of this accident.

Stop lying and hiding.

We hope that this project in which you are working, to deal with UFO issues in Argentina, does not end up being like the rest, where you hide all kinds of information, and above all, you train disinformants?

Hackearon la web de la Fuerza Aérea para denunciar que ocultó la caída de un OVNI

Hackean sitio de la Fuerza Aérea para denunciar que ocultó “ovnis”

Hacker ataca página de la Fuerza Aérea argentina para denunciar ocultamiento de caída de ovni

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