The CIA, UFOs, and John F. Kennedy: more secrets revealed in the JFK Assassination files connecting nuclear propulsion reverse engineering efforts, the Bay of Pigs, and Watergate to JFK’s Assassination.

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I have recently come across further evidence from the JFK Assassination Records and the CIA Reading Room archive of the connection between a reverse engineering program of recovered nuclear propulsion by the CIA and the events surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, including Watergate.

The December 17, 1953, CIA report from Dr. Todos M. Odarenko, Chief of Physics and Electronics division of the CIA’s Scientific Intelligence branch (SI) to Herbert Scoville, Assistant Director for Scientific Intelligence is an interesting one. Coming just over a year after the Washington Flyover (a “show of force” by non-human intelligence), there are a number of things that make it clear that the CIA took the subject very seriously at that time. For instance, there is this excerpt:

100 Stereoscopic cameras with grated lenses were purchased to document the phenomena

Thus began the power struggle between the U.S. military and the CIA / AEC to control the UFO subject. As nuclear propulsion figured prominently in all the objects recovered up until that time, it is entirely plausible that this was buried deep within the nuclear weapons development effort, as discussed in “The Original Wizards of Langley“, a CIA history of the Scientific Intelligence branch, which later became the Science and Technology Division:

“Concern that other countries might develop nuclear weapons and an awareness that advanced knowledge was the only practical shield against a surprise attack fed a sense of urgency among US policymakers. Concern extended to biological and chemical warfare and to the likely development of guided missiles, which would increase the danger of surprise attacks on the continental United States. Despite such concern, little real progress took place until President Harry Truman’s 23 September 1949 announcement of the first Soviet nuclear explosion. The next month the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) created the Scientific Intelligence Committee (SIC) to coordinate the entire US scientific intelligence effort. The required coordination, however, did not come easily. CIA chaired this new committee, charged with responsibility for scientific and technical intelligence, including all research and development up to the initiation of weapons systems series production. This concept was opposed by the US military, which sought to distinguish between basic scientific capabilities and weapons systems applications and keep the latter to itself. There was some support for CIA’s having this responsibility even within the defense establishment itself, however. The Research and Development Board in the Department of Defense, for example, was extremely dissatisfied with the intelligence support it received from the military intelligence agencies and supported the SIC as its primary source of intelligence support. Because of OSI’s competence in Soviet nuclear capabilities, the military also accepted the Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee (JAEIC) as a subcommittee of SIC, to be concerned with that subject exclusively. Shortly thereafter, other subcommittees were established on biological warfare, chemical warfare, electronics, and guided missiles, and later on aircraft and antiaircraft weapons systems. The services did not give up, however. During the early 1950s, there was a long struggle within the SIC between its military and civilian members: Army-Navy-Air Force versus CIA-State-Atomic Energy Commission. In August 1952, the original directive establishing SIC (OSI’s lifeline) was rescinded. A new directive dissolved the SIC and all of its subcommittees except the JAEIC. It was retained as a subcommittee of the interdepartmental Intelligence Advisory Committee itself. The intelligence agencies of the Department of Defense were given primary intelligence production responsibility with regard to weapons, weapon systems, and military equipment and techniques, including intelligence on related scientific research and development. The new directive assigned to CIA’s OSI primary responsibility for scientific research in general, fundamental research in the basic sciences, and medicine (other than military medicine). The Defense Department agencies as well as CIA were now given responsibility for atomic energy intelligence, the original basis for CIA’s scientific and technical effort.”

Under the direction of General Curtis LeMay, the Oak Ridge nuclear material production facility pursued the Nuclear Energy Propulsion for Aircraft (NEPA) program from 1947 -1951, in an effort to give strategic bombers unlimited range. The CIA, having the lead in the development of this technology, chewed the end of LeMay’s cigar.

This interest sparked Scoville to request a “Q” clearance from the Atomic Energy Commission in 1957 for one of his best and brightest scientists, David Lamar Christ:

Dave Christ “Q” clearance

From this point on, the following happens:

Christ recruits another scientist, James McCord, who also gets his “Q” clearance (in his Church Committee testimony in 1974, CIA Counterintelligence Director James Jesus Angleton makes it clear that McCord worked for him). Christ and McCord work in the nuclear weapons field (possibly for the development of Israeli weapons under a project devised by Vice President Nixon, AEC Commissioner John McCone, and DCI Allen Dulles in 1957). The Israelis may have also wanted the aircraft nuclear propulsion device, which attempts at reverse engineering were ongoing. Christ foolishly volunteers for a job to install a bugging device in Cuba. The bug fails repeatedly, Christ has to return twice to fix it and is arrested by the Cubans in December 1960. AEC Commissioner McCone leaks the story of the Israeli nuclear weapons program to the New York Times shortly after Christ’s capture in an attempt to “get ahead” of the story – there is a strong concern that the Cubans will extract the information from Christ under torture. The book “The Sampson Option” by Seymore Hersh discusses the McCone leak. Concerned that the Americans will try to extricate Christ in a military operation, the Cubans line the prison he is being held in with explosives. Located near the Bay of Pigs, Christ and his fellow prisoners can hear the failed invasion take place. Christ is incarcerated for nearly three years. Upon his release, the CIA proclaim that Christ “maintained his cover” and the Cubans never found out who he really was. The CIA, however, prevent Dave Christ from ever leaving the country – he was forced to remain inside the continental United States for the rest of his life. President Kennedy clashes with Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion over the Dimona nuclear facility. A missed redaction in Angleton’s Church Committee testimony reveals that he is in charge of the “Israeli Account” for the CIA, and personally negotiated an agreement with them in 1951. William Harvey, CIA owner of the ZR/RIFLE assassination program, falls out with the Kennedy brothers and is sent to Rome as CIA Station Chief in late 1962. JFK is assassinated – CIA operative E. Howard Hunt and Cuban contractor Frank Sturgis are arrested after posing as “Tramps” near Dealy Plaza shortly after the assassination. Both released without charge shortly after. The 1972 Presidential Election campaign – word on the street is that the Cubans have given the DNC reports about the information they extracted from Dave Christ – as Nixon started the Israeli weapons/propulsion program, his name is all over those reports. If it comes out, it will terminate Nixon’s Presidency and possibly send him and a whole bunch of other CIA leadership to the electric chair for the treasonous murder of JFK. Angleton sends Hunt, McCord, and Sturgis into the DNC campaign offices at the Watergate Hotel to retrieve the Cuban Government reports, but are caught in the act. Most of these events are revealed at the Church Committee hearings but remain classified.

Frank Sturgis at his Watergate trial (L) and after his arrest as one of the “Tramps” in Dealy Plaza

Think this is all far-fetched? Well, the House Select Committee on Assassinations took a keen interest in the connections between Dave Christ, Bill Harvey, and E. Howard Hunt. A 5-page document released in December 2022 is entitled “BIOGRAPHIC PROFILES OF DAVID L. CHRIST, WILLIAM HARVEY AND HOWARD HUNT”.

Why is the focus of the HSCA on only these three people? On paper, they had absolutely no interaction with their day-to-day roles at the CIA.

If you would like to know more about these events and the CIA-UFO connection to JFK’s murder, I discuss the subject at length with Roger Stankovic, National Director of MUFON for Australia and New Zealand:

Classified Documents, Assassinations and the Atomic-UFO Connection – YouTube

It’s not hard to see why the U.S. Intelligence Community DO NOT want this information to come out.

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