The Disclosure Voting Pledge: Make Disclosure and Transparency a Wedge Issue in Politics

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TLDR: We should start a petition/voting pledge where we, the voting public, promise to vote ONLY for political candidates who will bring about disclosure. Regardless of party, regardless of any other issue, if the candidate does not support disclosure and transparency, they WON’T get our vote.

We need a plan of collective action that all of us can help with to bring about disclosure.

I respectfully suggest that we start a public petition/voting pledge to ONLY vote for candidates who are pro-disclosure – regardless of other issues or party affiliation. This will force members of Congress and politicians in democratic societies to take this issue seriously.

In order to get our vote and to be considered pro-disclosure, a candidate must:

Openly and publicly state that they will strive for full disclosure regarding the topic of UAPs. Set milestones and deliverables WITH DEADLINES for disclosure (e.g. have a hearing with first hand witnesses by XXX date). Audit the fucking Pentagon and find out where our damn tax dollars are going to. If you’re outside the U.S., demand all briefings from the Americans to your government about this topic be made public. Sponsor and vote for all legislation pushing for disclosure. Strengthen whistleblower protections on this topic and perhaps provide amnesty for NON-DECISION MAKING/LEADERSHIP members of the government conspiracy. We want to give full protection to the average joe/scientist to come out and tell us what they saw, but not give cover to the top brass behind any illegal cover up.

By letting candidates know that this is a make or break issue, they will feel pressure to actually accommodate our requests. Also, a voting pledge is something that most of us can do within our respective countries. It’s something productive we can do before Congress starts up again. It will be extra effective because next year is an election year in the U.S.

Overall, I think it’s something each of us can do to show that we really do want full transparency on this issue.

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