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We now have to be very sharp as a community because we’re being attacked from all sides with dis and misinformation. Just as a reminder, tactics will include mixing true footage with bullshit footage – sometimes in the same clip.

It will include pairing real images of UFOs and bizarre occurrences with entirely fictional ones, or plastic ones, or CGI ones. It will include falsifying or astroturfing interest in nonsensical things which will make the broader public view us as kooks. It will involve partly true, but easily mockable nonsense about close encounters.

The point is to double down on the uncertainty and ridicule that has surrounded the subject.

I include a video of the kind of clip I’m talking about, immediately interesting but almost certainly bullshit. Perfect nonsense fodder.

This is the method they’re going to use to bury this topic under 10 feet of bullshit. I don’t know what the solution is, but I just wanted to draw reference to the fact that “they” (the organizations who’ve spent decades concealing this) have gone into a disinformation frenzy.

What do we do about it and how can we become resilient to these tactics ? Is there something you believe can help us weather this storm ?

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