“The Government” Semantics are Important

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TLDR/BLUF: When someone says “The Government” is hiding this, or “The Government” is in possession of UFOs, they’re doing a disservice to the true nature of this situation.

The Constitutional US Government and DoD doesn’t seem to know a whole lot more than the public does. The organization(s) that have this info are separate from the government.

This is an important distinction. It’s clear from recent events that Congress is in the dark. Even the commitees who would Constutionally be authorized to oversee the deepest of black projects are out of the UFO loop. It’s not hard to ascertain that even the three letter agencies and DoD, even POTUSs are not authorized to get this info.

But I hear everywhere, the news, podcasts, even boards like this one, that it’s “The Government.” This language is misleading and causes confusion and aids misinformation. The organization(s) that are dealing with the UFOs separated from our legitimate government long ago. They’re not beholden to the checks and balances or oversight of our elected officials and haven’t been for decades. This shadow government, deep state, MJ-12, illuminati whatever you’d like to call it is what we really mean when we say “The Government.” But by using that term, we roll in the whole government with it. This is not helpful.

No matter the problems the Constitutional Government of the US has, it is still orders of magnitude more legitimate than any shadow organization that has held onto UFOs and their secrets for the better part of a century. The attainable goal of getting that legitimate government to take this seriously and pursue the truth is paramount, because that legitimate government is our best hope for combatting the shadow government that has usurped and parasitized it.

We need to change our language and differentiate between these entities. A major power of the shadow government lies in misinformation and the last thing we need to be doing is aiding in that misinformation. Stop saying “The Government” as a whole, and start saying “shadow government” or something to that effect.

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