The Hill, 0:00-1:53 Nat Sec John Kirby press conference, wondering how this hasn’t blown up more than it has, and why people are still on the fence about the possibility of UAP’s.

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Watch from 00:00-01:53 if you’re reading and haven’t seen the John Kirby conference.

So, was watching this clip from The Hill, and what John Kirby said had me wondering how, and why, there are so many people still in disbelief, and denying the possibility of UAP. We’ve had everything from a congressional hearing, to reported crashes and body’s recovered, new videos/photos daily, and the evidence is just piling up and growing with every passing day, and has been since before Roswell. We have Nat Sec in a press conference stating they know the phenomenon is real, it’s messed with training exercises, and they are taking it seriously. Meanwhile people are out here laughing it away, trying to discredit Grusch, every video that emerges, and outright claim the entire thing is fake. Disclosure in my mind has already happened, but I’ve kept up with this subject and followed it for years. I have my own theories etc, but generally it’s too much, and has been happening for too long to be fake and have no truth to it. I mean we have state reps, congress, naval pilots, Nat Sec, the DoD, etc all reporting events and UAP. Yes, entities like the DoD know quite a bit more than they let on, but they have a department to process and investigate UAP claims. That’s at least something, even if they are there to discredit(if thats what they’re doing, I’d imagine it’s a difficult job). This man is at the white house saying the President and the Pentagon is taking this seriously, and did not deny or downplay claims, but totally stated that the phenomenon is real. Just a bit confused how and why people are still on the fence, and would just generally like to know why. What has you taking a step or 2 back from this, and not believing the phenomenon. I’d like to look for reasons as to why I personally shouldn’t believe it, and try to understand your viewpoints on this subject. Looking for skeptics and what has you remaining skeptical! Please, keep conversations civil, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I’m a firm believer that we need to look at this from all angles, and attempt to debunk what we can when we can.

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