Sure, some people who don’t know what PTSD is said “dang maybe he was just being psycho, look at all the pictures the MSM chose of him”. The Intercept can try to backtrack and say “well, we just blanket searched for 911 calls from his residence totally for no SPECIFIC reason any CIA-I mean person told us about”.

But guess what? Seems like most people responded with disgust as using PTSD against a veteran, even non UFO people agreed that’s not okay. We see members of congress stepped up like Burchett saying we will find anyone who tried to smear you or moskowitz confirm you don’t do this Gursch is right and you can’t find proof to say he lied under oath.

The message wasn’t “we’ll find something on you so shut up”. It was actually “come forward, even if they try to smear you, you’ll have public support”.

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