We have a lot of celebrities in this field now, don’t we? I’m no one, a video producer with mild success in life that’s been encouraged to start his own YouTube channel for a long time by names you’ve probably heard of but I keep refusing, because I don’t have anything to say. I’d just be up there to have a job and attention.

I have a thing to say though now. I’ve also spent a lot of time in politics and non-profits in general. The thing I have to say is this is much easier than we’re all making this out to be. We have bipartisan support, don’t we?

Well guess what. I don’t care about anti-gravity technology or time travel or whatever else the west wants to use against the east in future wars. I mean, I do, but that’s not the thing we need an answer to. That makes this simple!

The Paul Bennewitz Transparency Act of 2024

All we need to do is get support for that bill worded as-is. I will put my no-name forward in support of any YouTuber who wants to put their name on this and push it. I can do things like this myself in addition to my other skills. There are many of us who can do similar, related or complimentary things to support as well. You’ll notice I put “UAP Society” in there, I think this could be a natural place for a project like this and I’ve briefly discussed this with some of the people involved there (not Chris, yet, but hey Chris, you can own this as first dib since UAPSociety is your baby!).

Here’s my point: Let’s actually organize something among us worthwhile. We don’t need another personality in this sphere. Rather let’s focus our energies cooperatively. The original idea was to have someone or a team from UAP Society travel around the country and meet with Reps and Senators, interview them and maybe even interview some experiencers along the way. It’s all “brainstorm” level and just something to get the ball rolling.

I’m bored. Let’s do this. I definitely (in case you haven’t noticed) don’t want to be a front man for this, so ideas here would be great.

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