The Physics of UFOs: Eric Weinstein and Hal Puthoff

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I found a video in my YouTube feed that I think some people here might be interested in. It was released by by Jessie Michaelson on Feb. 11, 2022. The video is an interview with Eric Weinstein and Hal Puthoff. They discuss the physics of UFOs, including anti-gravity and multiple time dimensions.

Plenty of history related to the topic of UFOs and big names mentioned, as well as the actual science presented. The video is pretty interesting (in my opinion), especially when they discuss famous UFO incidents and cover-ups.

There’s discussion of manipulating space-time and serious scientific analysis of what might be involved in UFO propulsion.

I’ve included a link to the video below the following random excerpt from the video transcript.

Please forgive the seemingly unformatted excerpt. It took a long time to get this level of presentability. I removed the timestamps from every single line and corrected random spacing issues (and more), but It would take a much longer time to improve it further. I present it as-is so you can decide if the video might be worth your time.

If a scientific discussion on the physics of UFOs sounds interesting, this video might be for you. If not, you can skip this one.

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Random Excerpt:

… The glenn martin company becomes martin marietta later becomes lockheed martin so that word martin is coming all the way through was employing i believe lewis whitton edward whitton’s father to do anti-gravity research somehow tied up with wright-patterson air force base in ohio and the johns hopkins university in baltimore maryland so there’s something about aerospace in the 1950s and sort of post manhattan project era that’s pretty potent and we’re confused by this why was solomon left schetz the great topologist recruited to be involved with louis whitten and to have an entire non-linear group working on mathematics that then gets moved to brown university when i believe that these programs are sunsetted so they get spun off back into the academic ecosystem i don’t know what any of this is so you have top physicists working on crazy stuff and physicists don’t know the story yeah right yeah it’s like i knew it because it was weird it stood out the lewis whitten edward whitton story has never been fully made sense the world’s most brilliant physics mind of our time is the son of the country’s most prominent and important anti-gravity researcher of the 1950s do you think that string theory which edwin worked on is intentionally a bridge to nowhere i have privately said to you that string theory was a very odd development because it both allowed physics to proceed as if it was doing something new while breaking no new ground in the physical world in which we live i don’t really know if you were trying to stagnate the field string theory is pretty brilliant Einsteins theory if there was knowledge that allowed you to to traverse the cosmos in other words if you could render einstein’s theory effective the way einstein rendered newton’s theory non-fundamental but an effective theory derived from einstein’s theory in a limit to not share that knowledge with the physics community would be seen as gross academic and intellectual malpractice yeah if somebody had that level of knowledge i mean the best that uh you know we could do in the in the a-tip program was say okay let’s accept einstein’s gr as being the theory okay even though there are all kinds of arguments right subscribe by gr you mean general relativity general relativity and for this subject area for the uap subject area as far as as we’ve gone is to say okay suppose i treat general relativity einstein’s equations for general relativity the way i would treat maxwell’s equations for electromagnetism if we could manipulate variables and einstein’s equations the way we manipulate variables in maxwell’s equations you would see certain kinds of things which tend to match claimed observations of uap phenomena somewhere there’s a missing key for how you can do manipulation of those variables in einstein’s equations without having to have a black hole in your pocket are you talking about the idea that you want to promote constance to field content to be actual physical fields that can vibrate and live and move yes i would say so but then you have the quantum mechanical consequences when you promote something to field content you break it you bought it you’ve got a lot of fluctuations and uncertainty principles…

[End of random excerpt]

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Here’s the video link for anyone interested:

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