The UFO From 7 Years Ago (A Cancer Survivor Story)

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I was camping with an ex in 2015. It was very late, probably 1am or later. Her cousin and her boyfriend were in a tent on the property we were at, a small lake on a private property owned by my exs grandpa in the sticks of Freeburg, Illinois. Our tent had a hole with a screen that you could watch the sky from. I’ve went back to this story so many times, for it was blocked from my memory for at least 3 or 4 years after it happened. Keep that part in mind. I noticed something in the sky I thought could be a plane, but the more I stared the more I noticed it was completely circular, with a constant dim white light in the very middle and nothing else. But I could clearly see the outline of the ship from the moonlight. I asked her “do you see that?” She said yes. That very moment, it stopped above the tent and it’s light became like staring into, well, the deadlights, but white. Within what seemed like a few seconds, the light went to its original glow, and the craft went from a prone position to out of sight within 5 seconds. I remember nothing else after that night. I remember seeing that light, and seeing it leave. We never talked about anything. The next morning you’d think you’d be like “dude do you remember that fucking craft?” But it wasn’t until years later while stuck in st louis university hospital undergoing chemo for leukemia that it came back. And then it hit me, how so silent the craft was. We were camping far away from people for miles. That craft, a normal craft, would have shaken our tent being that close. Now I speak on the maybe. 5 months later, I puking up blood at my friends house for over a day. I didn’t have insurance and was afraid of hospitals (because people die there). Months passed. My ex and I broke up months before that night. By April 2016 when I saw a doctor (I saw that craft in July 2015), I was diagnosed with Leukemia. Basically homeless and suicidal, I attempted such. Failed obviously. Put off treatment until November 2016. I wasn’t supposed to make it according to statistics. That’s what they told the few I had who cared to check on me. I met my wife, a total stranger over Facebook the day I checked in. A few days later she met me in person. I told her of all my troubles, all my wrongdoings, all my flaws, and that I was dying. She still met me. Within days I no longer wanted the cancer to win. She gave me hope. I finished reading the Harry Potter series a few months in (officially becoming a reader) and not long after, read IT, my first stephen king book. I then collected most of them over the years. I was never supposed to have children after chemo, yet we were blessed with two (because almost 7 years later that stranger is my wife). I aak the maybe, did this craft give me radiation sickness? And therefore leukemia, a blood cancer that isn’t passed down through genes? I say maybe. And maybe, did they do other things to me I cannot remember? And maybe, did they save my life. This isn’t some story I made up. This is as real to me as anything. This is the past 7 years of my life. I don’t think for certain it was the craft that did it. But maybe it was. Regardless, I may not be in the best shape health wise. But I am grateful and have been blessed with love and life and I couldn’t ask for more.

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