If you look at the forefront of the general consensus on the MH370 UAP theory, it’s pretty close to general acceptance that the videos depicting such an abduction have at least some credence to them, mainly as a result of how strongly they’ve held up to rigorous investigation and analysis. However, it would easily destroy the entire theory if the satellite video could be shown to be a falsification through errors in the coordinates or the satellite name. And that’s exactly what we have, at least until new and credible information comes out.

Part of the aforementioned general consensus is that 1. the satellite that took the video is NROL-22, known officially as USA 184, and 2. that the coordinates listed at the bottom read as ‘8.834301, 93.19492‘.

Both of these constituent parts have their opposition. Some people – including myself – have proposed that the coordinates might list the first degree as -8.834301, which would place the video in a spot that much more closely aligns with MH370’s suspected flight path. However, the only way this would be true is if the programmers of the satellite display used the Unicode modifying minus sign (˗ or U+02D7), which is placed much lower than a hyphen or a regular minus sign. This seems unlikely, as it’s an uncommon character and wouldn’t serve much purpose beyond slightly increasing legibility (although it could be confused as an underscore if reading fast, which would arguably decrease legibility).

The idea that the capturing satellite is not USA 184 has a larger basis in truth and less so in guesswork than does the missing minus sign. As far as the public is aware, USA 184 does not have visible light photography/videography equipment, which doesn’t mesh with what we see as a visible-light video with a relatively high spatial and temporal resolution (about 1m/px at a couple seconds per frame). Additionally, the fact that the coordinates almost certainly don’t have a minus sign actually serves to discredit the idea that USA 184 could have taken the video: DroogieDontCrashHere demonstrated that on March 14th – the day of the airliner’s disappearance – USA 184 did indeed fly over the Indian Ocean very close to the suspected coordinates of the satellite video IF the first entry was -8.834301. If there is no minus sign, the satellite video is placed around 1700km further north, which would put it considerably further away from USA 184’s orbital path on that day.

Based on font analysis, it’s very unlikely (bordering on impossible) that the identification text at the bottom of the satellite video reads anything other than NROL-22. So if the satellite that took the video is almost definitely USA 184, and if the plane was almost definitely at 8.834301/93.19492 instead of -8.834301/93.19492, does that not call into pretty serious question how legitimate the satellite video is? Additionally, if the satellite video can be proven to be illegitimate, that by extension would knock out the FLIR video.

Of course, this contradiction can be resolved if we dig up data that helps make sense of the whole picture. I’m putting this out there as a ‘call to action’ more than anything.

Thanks for reading.

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