This sub apparently lost its healthy skepticism

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The “abduction” video is just one of many videos scattered across the internet. We’re living in an era where movies and video games boast incredibly sophisticated animations and impeccably polished engines. Moreover, the ranks of YouTube animators are filled with talent that has been snapped up by top-tier companies on multiple occasions. We even have Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 (almost 6 decades ago) masterpiece, “2001: A Space Odyssey” or “Alien” from 1979, to marvel at. It’s becoming increasingly challenging to discern reality from fiction, thanks to the meticulous attention to detail in some of these creations. I’m not claiming this video is super intricate; in fact, I’m suggesting the opposite. A bunch of clouds, a plane, and a few filters aren’t beyond the capabilities of VFX hobbyists in 2014. There are not so many details you have to take care of to make an appearance of being superdetailed.

Both angles of the abduction video give a lot of authenticity, but here’s the catch: it’s a hallmark of 3D renders. With this technology, you can shift the camera to a different spot and re-render the same scene. The resulting movements will look identical, just from a different POV.

Even when a video looks incredibly detailed and totally convincing, we need to remember that technology, CGI, and fancy editing tools have been around for a while, even in 2014. It’s like trying to solve a math problem without all required info and with unknown variables; the lack of details can make it tough to come to a clear conclusion. I could take a picture in a cool setting on Microsoft Flight Simulator and drop it here. Would you even be able to tell it apart from the actual game? Maybe. Or maybe not. I could record a video and all the physics and math would check out. Some people could pick that physics aspect and say that it’s what makes that video real. That’s why it’s essential to approach these kinds of videos with a good dose of doubt. Whether the recent stuff on this subreddit matches up with that doubt, I’m not totally sure.

As an example, there are some nice cinematic videos created in ARMA 3, which came out in 2013. These videos are often resurfacing on Instagram or TikTok, pretending to be real. Here are some samples:

Granted, with prolonged scrutiny, you’d spot discrepancies. However, take any ARMA scene, erase the ground, eliminate muzzle flashes and firings, reposition the plane further in the distance, add some clouds, then record your PC screen with a phone for that touch of authenticity, and voila, you’ve got a video that’s virtually indistinguishable from a fake. You could then tell people that since they can’t debunk it, it must be real.

The abduction video is a curious beast, detailed yet oddly not. There are not so many discernible reference points to definitively label it as fake. As I’ve mentioned before, apart from clouds, planes, and orbs, there isn’t much happening here. It’s hard to determine whether it’s authentic or not. Furthermore, I’m not entirely convinced it’s a masterpiece.

But folks really want this video to be the real deal, so they’re out there hunting for weird coincidences and connecting it to some pretty wild ideas. And because of that, some are undermining the credibility of previous findings on this subreddit, which makes us seem like a bunch of conspiracy theorists to those on the outside.

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