This sub shows limited critical thinking and evident confirmation bias

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The importance of critical thinking cannot be stressed enough, especially in a forum such as r/ufos, where discussions often revolve around unexplained phenomena and reports. This subreddit has also grown a lot and fast, with lots of new mods and users and a very obvious disinformation campaign here.

Recently, with the influx of MH370 posts, it’s become increasingly evident that our community needs a reminder so we can detect the bots as well as a legitimately well-written comment that is immediately taken as gospel as the truth.

Critical thinking, by definition, is the process of analyzing facts, evidence, and arguments to make unbiased, reasoned judgments. It demands skepticism, rationality, and a commitment to understanding the truth, rather than simply accepting it at face value.

However, it seems we’re slipping into a trend where well-constructed posts (with mostly good data) with highly upvoted comments confirm the validity of these posts and are automatically deemed truthful without proper scrutiny.

A well-phrased argument or claim does not necessarily equate to truth.

This isn’t just a problem isolated to our subreddit; it’s pervasive across social media platforms. TikTok, for instance, is rife with baseless claims. Comments like “DID YOU KNOW aliens are real because my cousin said so” or “I was abducted last week” receive undue attention and upvotes.

Moreover, we see misleading counter posts/comments presented as definitive:

“That was debunked; it was just a VFX effect, for god’s sake, let’s move on!”

“The FLIR footage is unrealistic; my brother who works at this military base said so and I’m going to ask him to do an AMA”

“The camera angle debunks the video because of XYZ”

While these might sound convincing, it’s essential to question and ask for evidence. Merely stating something doesn’t make it true.

So, before upvoting or accepting a post/comment, ask:

What is your source? Can you link to that source, please? How did you come to that conclusion? Does this person have a specific agenda?

To gauge the credibility of a user you can:

Check the user’s post/comment history. Beware of fresh accounts or those with a one-sided agenda, as they may have ulterior motives or could even be bots.

In conclusion, it’s essential to be discerning readers and contributors. Let’s prioritize truth over sensation, asking the right questions, and ensuring our discussions are rooted in evidence and critical thought.

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