Thought Experiment: Exploring this from the “bad guys” point of view.

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Regardless what your opinion as to why you think information is being held, I’d like to present a series of logic here and would like you to consider it if you were in their shoes and what you would do. I am in no way claiming this is indeed the reason but I also would like to see more angles explored on the issue. This is meant to be both a fun and interesting way to view why some people in the US government (and other governments for that matter) would choose to hide full on disclosure.

You work for the United States government. In fact, you work in a very high ranking position that is involved in national security. Other government representatives in enemy nations seek to harm you and your nation by any means necessary. Your own government also plays this game. You fully understand the war politics of national security because such has been the nature of human interactions since the dawn of civilization. It has only gotten far more sophisticated and complex and your job is to make sure others don’t have means to exploit you.

You are one day briefed into something absolutely profound and life altering. You come across technology that is beyond human understanding. You are unsure yourself the entire means your government acquired it but what you do know is that this technology has serious implications. Enemy governments may use this to get an edge and take advantage of the global landscape and pose a serious threat to you, your loved ones, your nation, your ideals. Hell, the very existence of this already doing that. Just imagine if a human who hated you got a hold of one. You comply and are involved in an extensive, multi-decade long project to explore this technology.

You soon learn just what this thing is capable of. This information is compartmentalized in order to control the information leaks and deal with whistleblowers accordingly, but what you do know is startling. This thing can travel at speeds unprecedented by anything else. It can go to space and into the ocean in a matter of seconds. It’s weaponry is existence of an intelligence that challenges the greatest minds you’ve ever worked with.

And there are fleets of them that fly in our skies. Some of them may even steal and abduct people, but that isn’t your department. It’s just hearsay, for all you know. At least, that’s what you tell yourself.

But you can see the implications of this technology just from the work you’ve done. Revolutionized energy. Advanced laser weaponry. Advanced espionage technologies that have been reported to have hacked and turn off nuclear missile facilities. Advanced transportation systems that would make all human transportation obsolete. The entire world would collapse. Some private companies seek to explore this in good faith to discover what is truly possible but others seek to maximize their control over the world. Both are not wrong and both are not right either. You understand how the public would react and the questions that would follow.

Some groups do agree this should be used to better the human race but fear of it being used to destroy and wage war in ways beyond human comprehension and that nation would be unstoppable. In fact, some people in your own government wish to be the latter in this situation because that is simply how they do things.

Some people have tried to come out and the information leaked was tracked to them and they were silenced. Ridicule from an extensive disinformation campaign to hide this truth is a self curing system of information leaks and the rest are peppered with death. Your significant other and children are your world. You would never risk their lives. But you can’t help but see the profound reality altering technology you work with and how many lives have been lost simply because the solution was invisible to everyone. Some people are slowly diffusing the technology to the public just as they did with ARPANET and GPS as a means of not crashing the entire global economy and displacing people without jobs and planting them in companies that can be used for real public good. But there are those that would see this never sees the light of day because these technologies will now be breadcrumbed to the enemy.

Investigations took place. A man with several people, some you know, testified in a congressional hearing to explore this further. But with disclosure comes questions. Questions that would expose what they have hiding to enemies. But furthermore, questions as to what these “non-humans” are doing here.

You’ve read the 117 page public domain paper given to congress. Creatures that can phase through walls and steal things. Including people. Decades of witnesses speaking about the phenomena you see every day of them flying in our skies, in our oceans. Swathes of people who have been monitored for years would come forward admitting they were abducted and told messages to save the world. But what if they’re being lied too? What if they’re being socially engineered for some other cause beyond this strange “save the world” narrative? What is truly going on here? You watch carefully. You think of your family but you are not sure how much longer you can hide this information. You watch and are at a crossroads to make a decision, one which may cause great harm to you or your family.

Which do you choose?

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