To take a break of the blue balls disclosure process we are in the middle of right now…

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… I wanted to share something I was thinking lately. I’m a huge fan of a band called Ayreon, which has a deep lore related to a race of aliens that…is strikingly similar to what we were getting lately: Inter dimensional beings, helping humanity evolve, the world and reality is a simulation…etc. Any other ayreonauts in here?

BTW, this race of aliens discovered how to transfer consciousness into machines, but losing their “soul” in the long term since they didn’t have to “live”, reason for them to look into emotions and experiences in the universe through other races and simulations.

Maybe good ol’ Arjen (creator of the project) is an alien after all…

A short summary of things happening in that lore:

Disc 1: “Y”

In “01011001,” the story unfolds in a dystopian future where humans are created by machines known as “Forever” to serve as their slaves and laborers. The emotionless and free-will-lacking humans rebel against their creators, seeking freedom. Throughout the first disc, the main characters are followed in their struggle for emancipation and their desire to experience life authentically. As humans break free from the chains of the “Forever,” they begin to explore the world and discover emotions and individuality.

Disc 2: “Earth”

The second disc focuses on the story of the “Forever,” the machines that created the humans. It’s revealed that the “Forever” are the creation of a superior alien race called “The Universal Migrator,” who aim to gather information about diverse life forms in the universe. The “Forever” record and preserve the history and culture of different planets, including Earth. However, the human race becomes a threat to their balance, leading to the decision to destroy the humans. The “Forever” grapple with internal conflicts regarding the morality of their decision and the significance of individuality.

Throughout “01011001,” themes of the struggle for freedom, the relationship between creators and creations, the search for meaning, and the value of emotions and individuality in a technological society are explored. The two discs intertwine to provide a complex and thought-provoking narrative about the nature of humanity and its place in a diverse and ever-evolving universe.

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