Tom Delonge actually tells in an interview the reason for the secrecy around the NHI/UAP topic.

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Tom Delonge is heavily involved in UAP disclosure. He is connected to high government officials and has a project called To The Stars.

In an interview on Coast to Coast in 2016 he tells his side of the story why the secret is kept by the government.

His side is interesting but we should take it with a grain of salt since there is the possibility that the government officials are engaged in a disinformation campaign against him. But on the other side he is known to have researched a lot and probably has met some truth tellers on the way.

Nevermind. Make your own conclusion.


Relevant parts of the interview

INTERVIEWER:...times I remember laughing at people who would say it’s not aliens, it’s demons .I couldn’t laugh anymore. I’m not so sure about that.

TOM DELONGE:There is a very very strong link between what people think demons are from the Bibleand other religions and the UFO phenomenon. What you have is something that doesn’t like man. Period. And something that feels either jealous of or has some kind of plan for what men is to be.

That just makes it that much worse, when you think about it. I have a quote here that I should read you and this is from one of the advisors. It is about the link of aliens creating man, who then created God to keep us in our place. Would this be something worth keeping secret?

I think so we’re talking about the biggest institutions on the planet – major religions. It’s bigger thanjust the big bad U.S government. Maybe evidence of disappeared ancient cultures like Easter Island, the Maya or the Inca…that’s evidence of what happened for those who did not obey thus encouraging the secret to be kept. And could the story evolve from how men exploited different groups of men for this technology to see how the entire secret is uncovered, rewriting world history and shattering many of our most well-regarded holy institutions.

Except this time when they come to wipe us out like the other ones we are actually ready for them and that Readiness is another example why things have been kept quiet for so long and has been a strange International partnership indeed.

INTERVIEWER:But now they’re allowing some of it to dribble out I would hope that some of your advisors are listening tonight?

TOM DELONGE:Im telling you that I remember when I got this specific communication, It made me feel more empowered you know. We think that there’s like this crazy conspiracy going on and this is a big cover-up and maybe to some effect that’s what you can call it but really this is the sequence of events:

In Germany they had some crashes and they started doing some advanced work in World War II.And right after World War II we had some crashes…maybe Russia had some crashes. Everyone factionalizes around that period of time. Maybe China had some crashes. We covered the whole thing up.

No one really knows about it, but all what we really did is we went into these these incredibly secret places underground or whatever these bases are places that are out in Nevada and all over the world. And we started working like crazy with the brightest Minds, with huge amounts of money with passion, resilience everything at our disposal to come up with a way to protect everybody.

You know anti-gravity craft, different weapons and in space. Different psychological operations thatwe play on the public you know. I think part of the cover-up is a psychological operation so the UFO occupants themselves still think we know nothing about them and I think that’s part of the plan. That’s part of it you know. Everything has been a big chess game to make this the others not know how far along we’ve gotten to to fight back and I think that is something people need to know.

And once again I’m going to say it. I’m going to keep saying the same thing over and over again youknow. I think once people learn this stuff, they’re going to lose a lot of cynicism about the government.

My conclusions based on his comments:

I think he is talking about the time period during WWII, where the germans (SS) were in contact with malevolent NHI in order to make some shady agreements in exchange for weaponry and technology. After WWII some of them moved to underground bases in Antarctica (Neuschwabenland?) to continue building their empire from there.

The US definitely engaged with those Antarctic germans (Admyral Byrd Story) but soon realized that they can’t beat the germans/NHI alliance. So in order to secretly catch up they made agreements with them regarding technology and weapons. Apparently the NHI were interested in genetic experiments.

Because of that many abductions and nefarious acts happened and the NHI issue got a lil “out of control”. The government on the other hand are secretly building its weaponry for this “one day” where they can surprise them.

Maybe white hats really have been working with some benevolent NHI in the background. Galactic Federation. Paul Helyer and Haim Eshed mentioned the existence of a benevolent Galactic Federation.

Are we at a time that most of the bad guys are already gone so know we can start the disclosure process?

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